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The-infamous-one (Chapter 33) - Thu 15 Feb 2018

Hey, so I noticed it's need a while... a long while. Just wondering if your coming back to this?

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 33) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

I loved this sooo much!!!  I cannot wait for more!!

Katrina Kee (Chapter 33) - Thu 04 Jan 2018

What a wonderful chapte! I cannot wait to read bout Kouga‘s reaction to losing Kagome to Sesshomaru and the fights. I am sure he will be quick to accept, if only to have a chance to fight either Sesshomaru or the Inu no Tashio himself!!! I also hope that the dragon breeding program is successful. It would be interesting to see if ladies will be allowed to ride dragons as well. It brings me to mind of another story called The Riders Of Pern, in which the breeding female dragons, called Queens, were not allowed to fight because the dragons were not only too few but the Queens that were hatched were also very few and were guarded very closely. I see a long hard fight on Kiky?‘s hands to be allowed to fly, much less do anything else. Especially if her female dragon carries successfully to term. Please update soon!!! Thanks!!!

Kanda (Chapter 33) - Thu 04 May 2017

i'll just try to patiently wait fer the next chapter to be uploaded. keyword: try. this story is so cute and heart warming. and olive, love, LOVE shippo! he's so cute! and full of flair! haha! please update, it would be a shame not to see to the end of this story. i really love it and many others as well. i'm sure yer busy, though. hope everything is going well. :)

Toni (Chapter 33) - Wed 22 Mar 2017

I just finished reading this story   it really is very good  too bad you did not continue 

after reading so many of the stories and enjoying yor story revolution I wonder why so many stories are left hanging  out with no end  

this has the makings of a series of stories that would have been wonderful  I wish I had your talent in writing  

so many loose ends  

Beautifully Wicked (Chapter 33) - Sun 16 Oct 2016

Please update please please pleeeeaaaassssseeeeeeeee

Lady (Chapter 33) - Tue 01 Mar 2016

This story is absolutely amazing, and I burned through it so quickly.  I almost cried when I realised it hasn't been updated in almost two years.  Are you planning on finishing the story?  Please say yes!

Haven (Chapter 18) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

This chapter was so funny. I love their dad -- "congratulations on being so suave" -- hahaha

Haven (Chapter 16) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

I've seriously missed ready Dokuga. I'm so glad I decided to reread this.

This is the best Kagome & Kikyou relationship. It's so nice to read a story where they aren't harpies to each other.  I also love Naruku and Kikyou together more than Inuyasha. Two thumbs up

Haven (Chapter 15) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

This is my favorite AU Sess of all time. He is different but you do him such well written. Seriously, you should be a novelist if you aren't or a screen writer. Thank you for writing.

Haven (Chapter 10) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

I love the fliratations between these two. How scandalous! And Sess really is a scallywag. I really hope you continue this story bc I love it to bits.

Haven (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

Xanthos! Damn you auto correct!

Haven (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

Wow, how I love this story! This chapter was so much fun. Can this is such a killer name!

Haven (Chapter 9) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

I'm rereading this and it's even better than I remembered. It's so refreshing and original. I love kagome but I think I love sess just slightly more. Their interactions are everything!

Edris-sama (Chapter 33) - Sat 11 Apr 2015

Oh gosh. Love this story.

It's so charming, I can't stop reading this over and over again.

Please do update soon. I can't wait for the next chapter, and the ones to follow! ????

Himura Asami (Chapter 33) - Wed 02 Jul 2014

He holds such affection for her! Oh! That was adorable! I adore the way his blood warms! Goodness. I'm so nefvous that he's going to do something... rakish.

Ahhhhhh! That title! It makes me squeal!

Panic! I'm panicking at the thought of him panicking!  Please let everything be okay! Please! No one is going to find out. Everything will be okay! It's okay. You're making me hyperventilate!  How coukd you do this?

After that panic attack I immediately started to giggle like an idiot. She smelled divine. Three words, but I melted. Perfection.  More giggles! Elbow him Yasha! I can't stop giggling.  I might even be blushing.

This is so cool. I'm just anticipating something. But the moment something happens, I will fall out and faint. You know how delicate my sensibilities are! So I'm waiting with bated breath...

Naraku and Kikyo make me smile and Rin gets a full blown grin? I love that paragraph. I love this whole section, how he's just noticing things as he's waiting and I'm waiting and we're waiting, together. Oh! This is so exciting! I feel like all my dreams are about to be fulfifulfilled! 

Squeals!  I love how he saw her and she's smiling and it's perfect. This is all perfect.

Why do I suddenly feel as if something terrible is about to happen...? Seriously.  A sense of dread just came over me, and I can only hope it's the paranoia speaking. Please nothing bad happen!

He's smiling back! Awww! I love this!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! THIS IS PERFECT!!! They are officially betrothed.  I feel at peace...

Yeah. You're going to have to kill the polite people. Okay, maybe not. But I wish they would have to kill the polite people. I'm all for Sesshomaru killing people who don't like Kagome. Seriously. (Where are my sensibilities,  exactly?)

Awww! Shippo ang Rin are the adorablest! 

Oh Stop it!!!! The mouth watering part had me blushig up a storm. Serious.  I was covering my face and shaking my head it was so adorable/embarrassing! 

OH MY GOODNESS!!! THEY'RE ADORABLE TOGETHER!!! THE LOVLIEST COUPLING!!! FOREVER TOGETHER SESSKAG!!! Wooh! I meant it when I said all of my dreams were being fulfilled. 

Nothing bad happened here, but I'm even more nervous about the next chapter.

Perfection as usual, darling. Keep it up.

Zinhle (Chapter 1) - Thu 12 Jun 2014

i loved the story it was thrilling and am excited for the next chapter as well as the ending please continue writing this amazing story, it was like reading a jane austen book simply put i enjoyed it a lot. thank you


Haven (Chapter 33) - Wed 28 May 2014

Yay you updated. They are all kinds of official now. I really was worried that Kouga would disturb the engagement somehow, but I'm glad he didn't.  I'm glad they could have this sweet moment without drama.  There's something to be said about no dramazz and angst.  Your dialogue is always just perfect.  You really should look into writing scripts. You'd be great at it.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 33) - Mon 26 May 2014

Like it, keep it coming.

How God Created Mother

God took the fragrance of a flower,
The majesty of a tree,
The gentleness of a morning a dew
The calm of a quiet sea,
The beauty of a twilight hour
The soul of a starry night
The laughter of the rippling brook,
The grace of a bird in flight,
Then God fashioned from these things
A creation like no other,
And when His masterpiece was through,
He called it simply...MOTHER.

Happy Mother's Day!

jk (Chapter 33) - Sun 25 May 2014

So short after a long drought just a quick rain shower T_T

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