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MimiChou (Chapter 20) - Fri 24 Mar 2017

The last lemon, Waterfall, was by far my favorite! It was a great blend of playful and steamy. Idk if you enjoyed planning out all the variations in plot, but they were fun to read! The one where Sess is actually a spirit was a cute and refreshing read. I haven't seen one of those yet, so I thought it was very original. Thanks for this spicy collection! It was well worth the read!! :)

Inuyasha's Secret Stalker (Chapter 20) - Sat 10 Oct 2015

I'll start off by saying, DAMN! That was INTENSE! I wasn't quite sure what I had gotten myself into when I decided to read this but man, I'm glad I did. Although I must admit, it probably wasn't the smartest choice to read this whole thing in one sitting. Let's just say, I'm a bit disappointed that my boyfriend decided to spend the night at his brother's house..... Anyway, now I think I shall read something a bit less lemon flavored, and a bit more fluffy.. Lol thanks for this hot fic.

candace peaches (Chapter 20) - Fri 09 Oct 2015

this was the BEST oneshots i have ever read. some were more heated than the others, but i loved them just the same. dark desires could have been made into a chapter story(my opinion). WOW is all i can say. i wish i had an imagination like that(maybe i do and i dont realize it). i think your oneshots are amazing, erotic, and mind blowing. keep writing them and i will definitely read them. c'ya'

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 20) - Sat 28 Mar 2015

This story was amazing and wonderful, and I enjoyed it, Happy Early Easter!

KShadeslady (Chapter 20) - Fri 27 Mar 2015

Another wonderful and informative chapter! And such a slick delicious way to end this series. I have totally enjoyed all these spicy little tales. Thanks for your talents. 

DeathDagger (Chapter 14) - Wed 25 Mar 2015

Awwwww!! I think this is my favorite!

DeathDagger (Chapter 5) - Wed 25 Mar 2015

I like this one...soooo hot!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 19) - Sat 28 Feb 2015

keep it coming.

consuelo marquez (Chapter 19) - Thu 26 Feb 2015

this has to be one of most favorite fics from this collection so far. great job on everything. i could feel (not EVERYTHING, sadly) the emotions and the intimacy that they felt due to sesshoumaru's blindness that allowed them to see more than could

Amanisha Taj (Chapter 19) - Wed 25 Feb 2015

I have read all the installments of "A Smell So Sweet" but there was none that I enjoyed as thoroughly as Blind Promise. I found your writing in this one-shot very compelling. Keep up the amazing work. The author's note was funny as well. XD

No Uta (Chapter 18) - Sat 21 Feb 2015

The perfect Dom, indeed he is. Absolutely marvelous! 

No Uta (Chapter 8) - Sat 21 Feb 2015

I . cannot.speak.woman. Hot fookin damn...

KShadeslady (Chapter 18) - Wed 04 Feb 2015

Sinfully delicious. That was amazing. Thanks so much for updating. 

No Uta (Chapter 17) - Thu 11 Dec 2014

Holy shit...this was absolutely spectacular! I do enjoy it when you write about Kagome submitting to Sesshomaru. I like him painted in a dominant light. It goes well with his character. I can see him being firm and making his mate his most prized  possession, all the while reminding her, of her place. I love your fics!  LOVE! ADORE! Did I say LOVE? hahaha I think I need a cold shower damn it. 

No Uta (Chapter 10) - Thu 11 Dec 2014


No Uta (Chapter 14) - Sat 06 Dec 2014 a hot as f#*^ story. goodness. I loved every single word of this. Wow...just wow and hot damn! I love it! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Sat 29 Nov 2014

These have all been very spicy. Thanks so much for the delicious stories. Looking forward to reading more. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 17) - Sat 29 Nov 2014

Sorry I'm not into stories about slave. Next, keep it coming.

Cathyrin (Chapter 17) - Fri 28 Nov 2014

well then.......that was hot. 

Chopsticks (Chapter 15) - Fri 28 Nov 2014

This chapter was so romantic I could die!! I loved it so much, just beautiful.

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