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Starfyre (Chapter 18) - Thu 07 Mar 2013

Well, well, well!

Little Sesshoumaru putting high and mighty daddy between a rock and a hard place, isn't he?

Excellent chapter!

I love this story. You are doing an amazing job, and I look forward to every update eagerly.

It'll be interesting to see what daddy has to say in answer to that question!

Please update again soon!


Starfyre (Chapter 17) - Wed 06 Mar 2013

Ah...the talk. I didn't get the talk until long after I needed it, but *sigh* I remember giving the talk to my daughter, and younger brother, and my neice and my nephew. and all but my nephew, (who was all ready active) claimed I have virginized them until their 40. even three or four years later.


That's when you know you're doin' it right! lol

Always give them the truth, and then the really ugly truth, STDs. Nothing kills hormones like descriptions of the side effects or the symptoms. *grins evilly*

I even scared my sister, and she's older than me! ;D

Such funny memories! :D



Starfyre (Chapter 16) - Sun 03 Mar 2013

OH NO! Is he out growing her?

Or is the magic fading?


And now he has to pick out a future mate from a bunch of girls he doesn't know or like!

Poor Sesshoumaru!

Can't wait to see what happens next!


Starfyre (Chapter 15) - Fri 01 Mar 2013

He's so arrogant, but so cute.

It's so sweet that he's playing a 'contest' with her.

I love this little story.

I want to hug it and cuddle it with every new chapter!

Lots of love to the Author! <3


Starfyre (Chapter 14) - Thu 28 Feb 2013

Oooo! I'm so eager to find out why his imaginary friend is so futuristic!

I keep thinking that maybe it's Kagome in her sleep or something, or maybe her wondering soul before she becomes Kagome or something! This is so interesting!

So many questions! I love this little story!


Starfyre (Chapter 13) - Sat 23 Feb 2013

Okay so Sesshoumaru has gotten taller, and older, but the question still remains...Does Miko grow with him?

This is such a good story, I really like it.

I look forward to the next update! :D


Voracious (Chapter 12) - Thu 21 Feb 2013

I have the strangest of feeling that I've read this before, infact I'm sure I've. However it does a feel a lil bit different, as if you've changed the story's name and done minor adjustments. I'll leave that for you to confirm. :) I was a fan of this story n dissapointed when I didn't see any more updates to it. That was a while back I guess. 

Anyways, pls keep updating, I very much love this story.


Starfyre (Chapter 12) - Wed 20 Feb 2013

Oh my purple elephants! That's just so CUTE!

I want to hug them both and squeal!

Naughty, Kagome, helping Sesshoumaru cheat on a test.

this is just so adorable though!

Love it. Keep up the great work!

Can't wait for your next update!


Fallingyuki (Chapter 7) - Tue 29 Jan 2013

 I enjoy is story alot. Will they mmet up in real life?


Luna C. (Chapter 4) - Thu 24 Jan 2013

Aww I love the idea of Sesshomaru having an imaginary friend, it's cute! :)

I can't wait for your next update!

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