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Cinno (Chapter 100) - Sat 25 Mar 2017

Please update again love this story

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 25) - Tue 24 Jan 2017

I don't get it. How come in the begining she called him her best friend when she had only just met him. 'no time for bonding' When, you had said she is around 18 years old. She would have the smarts to understand that he might be a wild dog and even if she had an afinity for animals and nature she would understand that she could not keep him. And him just attacking the mother when he only just met seemed off. When the way you are writing about is is as if she were 12 years old or younger. 

Don't get me wrong, it is a good storyline.

It just also feels like your skipping several chapters of them getting to know eachother in that form. I don't feel a connection between the two. Like one moment he doesn't have a connection, then the next he does without the actual jurney that creates that bond. The connection between your readers and the main characters are nearly  nonexsistant.

I hope I am not disuading you from it. You have a great potential starting off. I guess you just have to find your discriptive (pov) point of view and jurney. You can do it!


Michelle (Chapter 100) - Fri 23 Dec 2016

I need more!!!!!! Lol but u live this story can't wait for your next update! 

Didie (Chapter 100) - Fri 16 Dec 2016

Oh dear.. I just hope Kagome is just as herself.. A human and a miko.. nothing more, nothing less.. 


But.. well... I'll stay reading

KShadeslady (Chapter 100) - Fri 16 Dec 2016

Just enough to make us want more! I love this story too! More twists and turns than The Road to Hana. Nice long chapter though. Thanks so much for the update!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 100) - Thu 15 Dec 2016

InuYasha maybe, or perhaps just his mother at this point? Nice update!

LadyFugue (Chapter 99) - Wed 30 Nov 2016

*on hands and knees begging* please please keep writing! I love this story! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 99) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

Wow! Wonderful update! Love the twists in this one. Thanks so much for the new chapter.

Ashatan (Chapter 99) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

Wow! I was not expecting that twist! Kagome is an Inu-hanyao! Can hardly wait for the next chapter!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 99) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

Fantastic! I can't wait to read more!

Seluna Maru (Chapter 98) - Fri 02 Sep 2016

Sigh this is sooo good!! Oh and sorry it says in complete. This is going to be the first incomplete story that i keep track of. Idk how do we get notifications

Seluna Maru (Chapter 98) - Fri 02 Sep 2016

I really hate it when stories are titled complete but are not

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 98) - Sat 13 Aug 2016

WHat??? I didn't expect that!! Who is her father?? please update soon!

zenfluence (Chapter 98) - Wed 03 Aug 2016

Vat a twist!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 98) - Tue 02 Aug 2016

WHAT!? But her mom HATES demons... because he left her for being insufferable maybe? I wanna knowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roberta. (Chapter 98) - Tue 02 Aug 2016

I wass enjoying this sdo much it's a shame kagome turns to be something other than human..a lot of sdtoies make her either half or somehow full damen.I guess just human isn't good  enough. Good luck with the rest of your story am sure others are still enjoying it .  thank you for all those well written chap I had the pleasure to read.

KShadeslady (Chapter 98) - Tue 02 Aug 2016

Whoa! Shut the front door! Now there is an interesing turn of events! Looking forward to more. Thanks for the update.

Serena530 (Chapter 98) - Tue 02 Aug 2016

Well THAT was definitely unexpected.  Curious to see what happens next.

Leaora (Chapter 98) - Tue 02 Aug 2016

Oh man! Ehat a bomb drop!

KShadeslady (Chapter 97) - Mon 01 Aug 2016

Wow! Trouble at the gate! I'm sure Sessh will protect her and I think that if her mother gets ugly, Kagomes about to be mother in law will scare the crap out of her. Great update!

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