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Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 23) - Sat 24 Jun 2017

I've been waiting for this for so long....i thought this is the start for their romace to bloom but...but! This fucking monks ruined everything...


Sarah (Chapter 23) - Thu 22 Jun 2017

Vary good read so far and so well written I can't wait to see what happens next update because I just love this story

inuyashaloverr (Chapter 23) - Wed 21 Jun 2017

I am so enjoying your story. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Mars (Chapter 23) - Wed 21 Jun 2017

I really love this story, and I am excited for your next chapter. 

Maurice (Chapter 23) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

I am so glad that you updated this story. Its one of the few fanfics that capture my attention. I love how you portray the characters and give them depth. I really enjoy reading this story. Just wanted to convey that. Thanks! xx

Anonymous (Chapter 23) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

i must say this. damn you! sucj progress was being made. how long will i jave to wait.....  do you know how hard it is to pass the time waiting for such updates!  owell i jave no choice. well done

Eryn (Chapter 23) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

Noooooo! The WORST cliffhanger! ?????????????

jenineji (Chapter 23) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

Ah! Such a good story. Im still reading. Please keep writing. ^^ Thanks for the amazing story. 

Inuaddict (Chapter 23) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

I cannot WAIT for Kagome to go ballistic on the monks. 

Natalia (Chapter 23) - Tue 20 Jun 2017

This was such a beautiful chapter, again! Gods I just love the closeness progressing slowly and such tenderness... sigh... Trust. A perfect name, trust it's so hard to gain the trust and easy to lose it. But she is doing great and I loved the moment you showed, the pride that swelled in his chest... I am melting! My intuition was telling me this is the calm before the storm and yep! The last part confirmed it! The poor idiots don't know who they mess with! They provoked kagome to awaken her inner lioness! I just feel it! She will rush to save him won't she? But on the other part she is responsible for the clan and can't rush away leaving them, but without sesshoumaru the clan is at risk... And her personal feelings included... Such a tough decision! I am curious how you'll spin this! I thank you very much for updating! A splendid chapter! Two of my fav authors updated, you and gome Yuki niwa and my week is brighter! It's like Christmas lights! Thx again! Gone reading the new thing you posted! Take care!

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 22) - Thu 20 Apr 2017

Another heart touching update from you chiera-san...this story had never failed us to feel the deep emotions that had been showed in the scene especially the scene where kagome lovingly touch inuyasha's gravestone with a wash cloth, and said 

“It’s been a year,” she spoke, her soft voice barely a whisper. “And yet there are moments… It stills feels like yesterday.”

She paused.

“I hope you are happy,” she said after a while, after getting that quiver out of her voice. “And I hope you’re not worrying about me, because you shouldn’t. I’m fine. …Really, I am. Sesshoumaru’s looking after me, like he promised. He’s taken good care of me.”

Kagome's emotions here was very deep and even me as a reader felt the depths of it, tho i wish that have also shown his thoughts when he too visited inuyasha's gravestone but i liked when he realized these things: 

"Sometimes, it lent him a significant political advantage. And yet, sometimes… Sometimes, hiding what he truly felt too much like cowardice.

In his mind, the stronger person was the one who dared to show on the outside what they felt on the inside."

I wish kagome would one day really moved on without having feeling guilty of moving on...because yes, inuyasha surely wanted that new life for her. I know kagome was working hard her way on that path, i wish for her success.

I love how they lend comfort to each other as a mate...the gestures was quite touchy..and especially when the one who remembers their anniversary was sesshomaru.

Thank you for this wonderful update i hope we could finally see kagome move on and become fully happy with her new life with sesshomaru. XOXO

Minime (Chapter 22) - Tue 18 Apr 2017

Yey! An update! I really really love your story and hopefully you'll update really soon.

Natalia (Chapter 22) - Tue 18 Apr 2017

A deep and touching chapter! I too believe inuyasha would like how they met and honoured him! And how cute that sesshoumaru is worried about her! Even the support of lady mother! I enjoyed the update very much! Thx a lot!

Julya (Chapter 22) - Tue 18 Apr 2017

Omg!!!! You'rYou're back. So happy for that. Each time my love for this couple grows deeper. This last scene was just so amazing.

Eagerly waiting for more.

Leaora (Chapter 21) - Thu 02 Mar 2017

Ahhhhh! And yay, she kicked the funk! I hope we get to see some relationship development following the party!

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 21) - Thu 02 Mar 2017

What a wonderful updated! Tho it's a bit short for me? Eh..maybe it's just that i want more hehehe..well the further i read...the more i realized that kagome was doing better now...she makes her self busy and dedicate her time on matters she deem to give more attention while sesshomaru was very considerate to her which he also notice that these things would be helpful for kagome's  progress. And i also love how you write sesshomaru's character in here, i admire how you maintained sesshomaru's character without making him OOC. He's considerate, kind and gentle and now my favorite scenes in this chapter were 3.sesshomaru playing a board game with his grandfather 2. Kagome combing sesshomaru's hair 1. Sesshomaru caressing kagome's cheek and with sesshomaru's kind words made kagome smile.

The progress of Sesshomaru and kagome's romantic interaction or rather  their feelings for each  other  in this story was now slowly blooming..and it excites me internally...and i can't wait to see it!

Thank you for sharing this new update!


M-Angel 05 (Chapter 21) - Wed 01 Mar 2017

Loved this chapter. I like seeing Sesshomaru with his grandfather. It's very sweet to see him giving Kagome more freedoms within the clan. 

Julya (Chapter 21) - Wed 01 Mar 2017

I am so in love for this story. Missed it so much. It is amazing the delicacy with which you develop it. Totally mesmerizing. I can only hope to hear from you again soon.

Glenda (Chapter 19) - Sun 12 Feb 2017

I really love this story can't wait for more

snow (Chapter 20) - Wed 25 Jan 2017

such a wonderful story! i love it so much i cant wait for the next installment, always waiting with anticipation the next chapter to this wonderful story.

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