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Loretta Boshell (Chapter 10) - Mon 12 Nov 2018

This was great! Will you write more in this universe? I want to know what happens after the Shikon is put together, does Kagome get seperated from Sesshoumaru for 500 years or does she stay in the past? If she stays in the past then does she somehow live until her own time or does she die at a normal human age for that time period?

Rose (Chapter 1) - Fri 01 Jan 2016

Oh my gosh, what I wouldn't do to be in Kagoma's shoes. Come on, to be licked by the Killing Perfection??? What a treat! i can't wait to read the next chapter

DeathDagger (Chapter 10) - Thu 02 Oct 2014

Really!!!!!! We got the build up but not the mating?????!!!!! -_-°°° 

Miche (Chapter 10) - Wed 23 Jul 2014

This story was absolutely beautiful. I LOVED it!!

Paige (Chapter 10) - Thu 03 Jul 2014

Love it!!

Asanobara (Chapter 10) - Wed 11 Jun 2014

That was awesome! The pacing was perfect, and the characters were perfectly in-character, and your portrayal of Sesshoumaru was so cute. Thanks for sharing :)

Kitten (Chapter 10) - Wed 27 Feb 2013

Will there be a lemon? ^.^ That be very nice.

You write very well, Very lovely story. 

Kitten (Chapter 10) - Mon 24 Dec 2012

Awwww......I wish there was a lemon for them :)

But over all I love this fanfic so much, great job!

KagomeReborn (Chapter 10) - Sat 22 Dec 2012

by the gods what a fun story! update plz 

Inumaru_Rapture (Chapter 10) - Fri 21 Dec 2012


TKE (Chapter 10) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

YAH!!!! She's gonna get really lucky tonight!!

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 10) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

Aw! The fluff! The fluuuuuff!!!

Such a sweet chapter!

cassandra (Chapter 10) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

Why you! At first when I read about the howl he made, I thought the same thing as Kagome. Then you go and leave a cliff hanger that makes me want more!! You really are a tease with this story! Update soon!!!

YangSjie (Chapter 10) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

I'll admit I find it a bit strange to see Kagome reading that she loves Sesshoumaru so much, since I can imagine she is more.. attracted to him mainly. Anyway, A nice ending for this ficlet :)

YangSjie (Chapter 9) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

That's right Sango, go and tell her! I wonder what the trick is about?

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 10) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

The story was great and I enjoyed it.

Inumaru_Rapture (Chapter 9) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

Totally and utterly hooked!  I hope you update soon!

Samara (Chapter 9) - Thu 20 Dec 2012

how dare you!!! the ultimate cliffhanger!!! ahhh... thanks for the quick updates, but this was just mean to your readers... please update again soon... I just have to know what Sango has in mind...

cassandra (Chapter 9) - Wed 19 Dec 2012

I can't wait to see what Sango is planning for Kagome.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 9) - Wed 19 Dec 2012

Keep it coming.

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