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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 143) - Thu 02 Apr 2020

Great chapters

SmilingFool (Chapter 143) - Thu 02 Apr 2020

OMG... You've out done yourself again...  That was funny.  I can't wait to see what happens next poor Kagome what is she to do with all those demons...  Sesshomaru knows...  LOL  Update soon.  I hope you are safe from this virus.

Riccie4 (Chapter 140) - Mon 21 Oct 2019

Aaaah, you're toirtirimg me again!!! I'm loving the supence of it though, so much could go right or wrong, will Shesshoumaru mate and mark Kagome? Will Inuyasha burst in and ruin everything like he always does? So much could happen!! Cant wait to see what you come up with ??????????????????????????

-Happy writing!! 

Riccie4 (Chapter 140) - Mon 23 Sep 2019

WooHoo!!! Please let there be. Another chapter please please PLEASE!!!!!! ????????????????

KShadeslady (Chapter 23) - Wed 14 Aug 2019

Well that was a fun turn of events. I’m enjoying this quick fun read. Thanks so much. 

Riccie4 (Chapter 140) - Sat 10 Aug 2019

WooHoo they finaly made it to this point!! We‘ll See if they get to Finish this or if another ‘unexpected event happens (if Inuyasha intirupts this Kagome better Sit Boy him to to ther side of the world lol). I really can’t wait to see how this turns out, keep up the good work!! ????

Happy Wrighting!!??????

Riccie4 (Chapter 129) - Sat 27 Apr 2019

Oh my gaaaa, I love this story so much!! My favorite is the Red String chapter, I’m looking forward to seeing that more drawn out in a good lemony way, maybe? Lol keep up the awesome work!!

-Happy Writing!! ????

SmilingFool (Chapter 129) - Sun 21 Apr 2019

Wow that was cool...  Get them Kagome, floor some sense into one and the other errr well I'll think of something good next time...  LOL  Love the story btw oh and Sango needs to show these so called males some hirakotsu action in the lower region to show them they are nothing without the women who rule by their side... Anyway I think Kagome's powers also have an effect on the well as well as the youki from the demons.  Hense Bone eaters well why not majic? I could be wrong....

Kitsune Diva (Chapter 127) - Wed 10 Apr 2019

I love the story. The sort of moral grey area of Kagome being with Sesshomaru with out fully breaking it off with Inuyasha adds a good deal of tension to the story. I am interested to read more.

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 126) - Mon 09 Jul 2018

Story jumped all over 

Sarah (Chapter 126) - Sat 16 Nov 2013

So far all they've been doing is fighting and still don't know how they got to be where they are now, sorry liked the story when it began but now I'm just skipping chapters until they get somewhere

consuelo marquez (Chapter 125) - Fri 26 Jul 2013

this is a great story.  although. so far, i am a bit confused. i mean, theyre from the past, but are in the future now? and they are trying to go home again?  im sorry, but im not understanding this.  you'll probably clear this all up later, but im just not getting it.  BUT its just that lil part   the rest is great!    sorry if i sounded bossy or anything :/

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 125) - Thu 18 Jul 2013

Loving all three chapters, keep it coming.

Stella Mira (Chapter 123) - Thu 18 Jul 2013

Inuyasha is being mature for

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 122) - Mon 24 Jun 2013

Both chapters are great, keep it coming.

Stella Mira (Chapter 121) - Sun 23 Jun 2013

Well, we already knew Inuyasha hasn't got the smarts. He's lucky to have Kagome as his guardian angel XDD

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 120) - Thu 06 Jun 2013

Keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 119) - Mon 03 Jun 2013

Keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 118) - Sun 02 Jun 2013

Keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 117) - Fri 31 May 2013

All three chapters are great, keep it coming.

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