Seluna Maru (Chapter 1) - Sat 09 Jul 2016

Woa woa woa. Give me a warning next time please. I couldn't finish reading I just skimmed through after you killed everyone lol. Le gasp I am traumatized. Lol :'(

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Jan 2015

That was beautifully wriiltten and just heartbreaking for Kagome. I love one shots like this. Sad and bittersweet. Really nicely done. Thanks so much. 

LostxAngel (Chapter 1) - Tue 02 Apr 2013

Well reading this, I felt shortened in two ascepts. One was how short the Battle scene was..its more or less paced for my taste. I'm not saying I want the beginning of the fight or anything of the sort, What I'm saying is that your battle scene didnt do itself justice might want to consider how to give more drama into the fight. The second is that Kagome was too womanized in this one. Sure she is a girl and she does harbor feelings and is a typical girl (maye I dont like that) but in the moment of weakness she just "suddenly" has support from Sesshomaru, too self un-supportive on her part. Now what I did like was how you described the moment of passion and how you captured it in the right moments. Your abilities of decribing "love" scenes are very surpassing the standard for Talent. Good job on the one shot.

Angel's Wings (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 Nov 2012

Hi there!

Just finished reading your oneshot. I really liked it. You are amazing. I am also reading your other fanfic and I do enjoy it a lot. Thanks for tfinden you are giving others with your hard work.


snowbird (Chapter 1) - Fri 16 Nov 2012

This was absolutely beautiful and so full of emotion.  It had me in tears.

Stella Mira (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Nov 2012

Beautiful and tragic at the same time. I didn't expect Shippou-chan to die like that, it somehow enhanced the sacrifice she was forced to make. To live or to die, that is the always the question after such despair, isn't it? I'm glad she chose life, she chose Sesshoumaru....Loved it:) 

Eden (Chapter 1) - Mon 29 Oct 2012

What an amazing story!!!  I love this one-shot. Glad I read it :)

Elizabeth (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Oct 2012

I have to say that I LOVED this story. Though it was sad, it had a good balance to it, where I could see Kagome's hope for the future, even though everyone that she cared for was gone. I can really see this story turned into a two-shot or a series. It was THAT good!!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Fri 19 Oct 2012

This was great and I loved!

Tasha A. (Chapter 1) - Fri 19 Oct 2012

Whyyyy Shippo?! Whyyyyyyy?! I mean, why everyone else, but why my darling little Shippo?

But I digress. Loved it! Especially the irony in th Killing Perfecftion trying to sustain her life, as well as his method of operation.

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