Reviews for Ladies Choice by SunsetMiko

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 1) - Sun 10 Feb 2019

Fun cute 

Seluna Maru (Chapter 1) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

I loved it

SilverInu93 (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Jun 2014
this is good!

kyrinnie (Chapter 1) - Wed 01 Jan 2014


CuriouslyStoic26 (Chapter 1) - Mon 02 Sep 2013

Awwww I love this story...and stupid Inuyasha, that's what you get!!!

Wickedone43 (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Oct 2012

Very nice!  Very nice indeed!

As always, great work my dear!

Stardust (Chapter 1) - Thu 18 Oct 2012

Hello Sunset,

what a nice story to the theme Ladies Choice. It made me smile and I think it has just the right timing.^___^


Thank you


N'spirit (Chapter 1) - Tue 16 Oct 2012

\o/ that was great

FayeMegan (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Oct 2012

Very warm and fluffy. Not sure about the whole 'dancing in front of the fire' thing, but it somehow fit. Great work :)

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Oct 2012

This was sweet and beautifully done!

Phyllis (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Oct 2012

Wow, I don't usually like oneshots, as I crave more, but this was remarkable!  I loved how you played up the rivalry between the brothers, and the love between the demon and the miko.  I especially love the buildup where she takes off the layers of her kimono.  Beautifully done!  I wish there was more, but you've done so well with just one.  Great job!

COAIM (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Oct 2012

Ohh, i like :) how cute. 

The Norrington (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Oct 2012

The conversation during the strip tease was so romantic, and sexy.  Bravo!

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