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hana sora (Chapter 10) - Fri 12 Oct 2012

update soon plis :)

Alexandra (Chapter 10) - Fri 12 Oct 2012

Oh snap! I hope that she invades Sesshoumaru's mind and heart. X3

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 10) - Fri 12 Oct 2012

AHHH!!!!! You stop there?!  What a cliffy!  PLEASE update soon - you know how much we love this story!!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 10) - Fri 12 Oct 2012

Keep it coming.

Saraniya (Chapter 10) - Thu 11 Oct 2012

Awesome battle scene! I very much enjoyed it and can't wait for the next scene :)

Leandra (Chapter 10) - Thu 11 Oct 2012

Please! Please! Update! Please!

Alii (Chapter 10) - Thu 11 Oct 2012

Please please update soon! Love the whole story and can't wait till the sh*t hits the fan! (:

Pricila (Chapter 9) - Thu 27 Sep 2012

You did great!!

Darkness living in Hope (Chapter 9) - Wed 26 Sep 2012

Awesome chapter. Really not liking this Sara hime person that is Sesshomaru intended. Looking forward  to Sesshomaru getting his sword from kagome and seeing what his expression will be to it and what kind of powers it will process 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 9) - Wed 26 Sep 2012

Keep it coming.

Madison (Chapter 8) - Sun 23 Sep 2012

I feel so lame. Been so busy, I didn't have time to read. OTL. Though, the second I had a moment, I tried to catch up on this story. After reading all those chapters, let me tell you - you did not disappoint.

I still love it just as much. And that last line. Love. Love. 

Saraniya (Chapter 8) - Tue 11 Sep 2012

Nothing like the classic other female to add some spice to the story :)

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Sep 2012

Keep it coming.

Alexandra (Chapter 7) - Thu 23 Aug 2012

Whoot! Awesome update! This was great, major development with Sesshoumaru taking on Rin as a pack mate. I really like how you added Rin into the story and how she bonded with Kagome. I can't wait to read what type of sword Kagome has in mind, or if it the same sword in the series where he gets it along with his arm, at the end of the series. Really awesome job!

I can't wait for the next update; and for more Sesshoumaru and Kagome bonding. I guess Koga didn't feel attracted to Kagome because he wasn't aware that she was the Shikon Miko, right? I bet if Sesshoumaru had some competition for Kagome's attention, then he would feel compelled to monopolies Kagome's time. 

Saraniya (Chapter 7) - Sun 19 Aug 2012

I really like Toto-ji! Lol! He's just too old and cute! 

JeniNeji (Chapter 7) - Sun 19 Aug 2012

Uh oh. I wonder if the Shikon is somewhere inside of her... Again, loved the interaction between Rin and Sesshomaru. I also like Totosai and Kagome. Kouga was an ... you know what I wanted to say, ne? Ugh! Koga, ugh!

JeniNeji (Chapter 6) - Sun 19 Aug 2012

I like how Sesshomaru looked after being told not to. And I think I like this bond that has formed on Sesshomaru and Rin. ;]

JeniNeji (Chapter 5) - Sun 19 Aug 2012

: Sighs : Well, I guess they learned a lot from each other today =_=

JeniNeji (Chapter 4) - Sun 19 Aug 2012

I almost, almost wrote a bad word! Pff! Sesshomaru deserves something evil or bad happens to him.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Sun 19 Aug 2012

Keep it coming.

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