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LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 100) - Sun 29 Sep 2019

I am totally AND completely  hooked 

Lonelylulaby (Chapter 100) - Mon 26 Aug 2019

Holy crap a lot has happened since the Watch II chapter. The house of the moon has been through it. Who were those attackers? Where’d they come from? This is the moment Sesshoumaru turns into the Kilking Perfection who upholds honor and duty above all else.  I feel so bad for Fuiasu, like the burden of her curse and secrets. How will she ever recover from her mates death. Then there‘s Toga, personally I’ve always liked him as a character. Just could never figure out the reason why he would step out on his mate. What does Masashi hope to accomplish? Is he good or bad or grey? Will Midoriko meet pup Kagome? I thought Atsuki would be there for Kagome lonng into the future. His death was a sorrowful surprise. Maybe it’s one of his siblings descendants or one of his siblings. The House of the Moon is gonna need a new Head healer. Alot of recovery and balance is going to have to happen in the coming chapters. I feel as though this arc is just going to get darker before we see the light again. And finally, the poor girls, smh.


Ja ne till next time and keep up the great work.

Orotami (Chapter 100) - Sat 24 Aug 2019

Man I truly can't wait for more. I'm always on the look out for updates to this story. Till next time!

Neelixonee (Chapter 100) - Sat 24 Aug 2019

Want and need are two very different things.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 98) - Thu 08 Aug 2019

This was heartbreaking.

Lauren (Chapter 99) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

I wish I could be horrified by these admittances, but I don't disagree with the decision to let Kagome die if it stopped Toga from dying and Iniyasha from existing. If I were in her shoes, I probably hesitated too. This will go deeper than destroying their family. Letting Kagome.die that day would've kept this all from happening. 


What a horrible weight to bear, the regret she has to feel for letting Toga go save Kagome that day... 


Agreed. There will always be a part of them that won't see her as family 

TC (Chapter 99) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

I LOVE THIS STORY! WOW!!!! Amazing!!! Having said that, the length of these chapters is... whew!! Idk why you or other authors do it but Its hard to keep up with once it gets to a certain point. I couldn’t finish Bitter Like Chocolate bc the chapters are sooo short that it just becomes a hinderance to really enjoying the story and its excellent if not perfect writing. its like here we are at xxx chapter and its more of the same, some scenes i cant even remember bc they happened so many chapters back and a character is referring to it, so i have to go back & find the chapter to jogg my memory.. The fic couldve have been condensed to about 50-60 chapters. With this story I just hope it doesnt veer off i to the 200-300 area bc i’d love  to finish this and not have to abandon it like i did BLC. its ok to have longer chapters lol 

Anonymous (Chapter 99) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Heart breaking


ashley jepp (Chapter 99) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Thank you so much for your hard work. I can understand the hesitation, Fuiasu has found love in Toga that she hasn’t received before, not even from her parents. shes worked very hard to keep him alive and its heartbreaking when she realizes that she cant escape it this time without losing someone shes grown to care for. Kagome. Despite knowing what shes going to lose, she did what was right instead of what would be beneficial to her. She wasnt selfish and even though it was the right thing to do, it still hurts bc shes going to lose in the long run. I think Fuiasu has grown as a person, not my much, but the growth is still there lol

Orotami (Chapter 99) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

Gods. So incredibly beautiful. But, Kagome can be their salvation too. Can't wait for more!

Shanika (Chapter 99) - Tue 06 Aug 2019

That's sad. Why does Kagome have to died in order for Toga to be saved? Regardless, like she said there was more than one visions showing him dying only one was a for sure answer of how to keep Toga alive and that vision has to do with Kagome. But I hope he is still alive in this story as Kagome grows and his love/relationship with izoya grows too.  Maybe, just maybe they'll find a way to keep Toga and Kgome alive. Fingers crossed... please let it happen. 

Lauren (Chapter 98) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

Not that we didn't know they'd be forever changed, but these two chapters were disheartening in an expected manner. I'm assuming there will be another small time jump, where they'll already have been in more formal training, taking their classes and responsibilities too seriously, when we next see the kids.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 97) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

Interesting and insightful seeing what has occurred from Izayoi's POV, esp. the observations on Touga.

Orotami (Chapter 97) - Mon 05 Aug 2019

Love it! Just gushingly beautiful. Can't wait for more!

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 96) - Tue 30 Jul 2019


Don't get me wrong, I get it, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

RIP hair.

Lauren (Chapter 96) - Mon 29 Jul 2019

And this how we get the stoic, impassive Sessho that we know. How sad, to be so young and need to be an adult. And we all know their father will fail again, making matters worse.


Hoping you don't time jump until we get to see him gut those murderers.

Orotami (Chapter 96) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Brilliant short chapter. Vivid and emotion driven. Can't wait for more!

HikariMizu (Chapter 95) - Fri 26 Jul 2019


Lauren (Chapter 95) - Wed 24 Jul 2019

NO! Atsuko!!! Why did you kill him?! 


What will happen now? Has everything completely charged from what we'd seen before? 


Is he going to cut Sesshomaru's hair? He won't actually stab his own son, will he???

Orotami (Chapter 95) - Wed 24 Jul 2019

Wow. What a brilliantly written chapter. I'm curious what Toga is going to do to Sesshoumaru... cut his hair, mark him in someway. So much happened between the last few chapters I'm not even sure Fuisa knows what the future holds now. 

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