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Alison (Chapter 89) - Sun 16 Jun 2019

I feel sry for the lady of the west I really don’t want her to have choice in her tragedies and I want toga to stay loyal I’m sorry Inuyasha but I don’t want you born in this universe 

Sammyjams (Chapter 87) - Sat 15 Jun 2019

What an amazing story so far! I can’t wait to read more!

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 86) - Fri 14 Jun 2019

Oh man, Inupapa. :( 

Love how you've characterized him though.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 36) - Fri 14 Jun 2019

This is too cute for words!

Tricia (Chapter 87) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Absolutely love this story. I started reading it a long time ago. I’m so glad you are continuing to write it. 

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 6) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Will be interesting to learn more about the dynamics of Sesshoumaru's parent's relationship.

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 2) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Okay, I'm stupid excited anytime Inupapa shows up in a story. :)

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 1) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Great first chapter! I'm hooked and dying to know where it goes next!

Alison (Chapter 85) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Aww I actually felt sry for him. Stupid Kagome 

Gee (Chapter 85) - Thu 13 Jun 2019

Jealous teenage Sesshomaru is the cutest. ????

Cheyanna (Chapter 84) - Thu 06 Jun 2019

Thanks for updating and I can’t wait to read more!!!! I really like Masashi though, he’s cool. I wish Fuiasu wouldn’t lose Toga but then Inuyasha wouldn’t be born and all but I still wish for her happiness. :) 

Nanyin (Chapter 84) - Thu 06 Jun 2019

Now that was deep. Grt chptr

Lauren (Chapter 82) - Tue 04 Jun 2019

You updated!! And what a sweet chapter. I'm not worried about Kagome ending up with anyone other than Sessho, but more so because our favorite healer doesn't strike me as the type to date a child. 


How long has Izayoi been with them? 200 years? I'm really interested in how you're going to move forward with her and their father. I'm prepared to be grossed out.

Gee (Chapter 82) - Mon 03 Jun 2019

Aww this is too cute~

Cheyanna (Chapter 82) - Mon 03 Jun 2019

Thanks for updating and I can’t wait to read more!!!;) 

Gee (Chapter 81) - Fri 01 Mar 2019

Can't wait for the teenage arc! 

Chiikyuggi (Chapter 81) - Fri 01 Mar 2019

I'm confused. If Sesshoumaru is 300 now, and Izayoi shows up, next arc he'll be 650 and Izayoi is still alive? How?

Orotami (Chapter 81) - Fri 01 Mar 2019

What a way to end the first ark! I'm drooling for more. Lots of questions and no solid answers. Till then! 

TAMARA (Chapter 80) - Fri 01 Mar 2019



Sorry bout the last review, lots of typos, hopefully less.


I love it, I have no idea what you have envisioned for toga and izzy (nickname prompt) ???? It 's fresh and the plot is giving me life Darling. I love the Sess/ Kag rivalry. Interesting , later I hope she begs him to test her limits.(Insert warrior Kag)  I know this is a life lesson with repercussions I'd love to learn. Izzy's role will definitely make the conception of inuyasha weird. The Western Lady's abilities give her insight, she might have know the truth this entire time reading Kagome's destiny and past lives. In this way also discovering a wee bit of her future. 


With Bated Breath 





Ree-san (Chapter 80) - Thu 28 Feb 2019

I think Izayoi is a mistake .It makes Sesshomaru age like a human. And it makes their meeting because of Kagome. Theast chapter is also confusing and not really sure what the point of that jumbled soul whatever is supposed to be. Guess easiest way to sum it is not sure what's happening. 

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