Reviews for Sweet Things by Clio

Zinhle (Chapter 1) - Sat 03 Dec 2016

Oh my word, this drabble deserves a sequel to build on their relationship.

Silver Standard Society (Chapter 1) - Sun 27 May 2012

Took me a while but I finally got here. You already know how much I praise your awesomeness because I practiaclly glomped you like a rabid fan-girl in DChat. I just wanted to review because no author ever hates getting that little email alert that someone took time to write how much they appreciate your hard work.

I really love this one-shot because it's got a natrual flow, stays interesting, is VERY (I cannot stress this enough) well written, and doesn't have a magical happy ending but rather a cheerful ending that instills happy hope instead. I thought that was a little different so I really enjoyed it. It's in my favorites.

I haven't read any of your other work yet but I definetely will and I'm sure I'll love your brilliance so prepare to see me again! 

See you in chat!


shintochick (Chapter 1) - Wed 25 Apr 2012

A couple more chapters of fluff? Please?  This was great!! Plus I'd like to know exactly why Kagome's friends think she'd be such a jinx and how she would know what would happen in the first place.

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