Reviews for The Pull of Fate by Kayelyn

Tessitura (Chapter 29) - Thu 26 Apr 2018

this is too cute to pass up!

princess of the western lands (Chapter 28) - Tue 24 Apr 2018

I just read this story yesterday. I like how the prompts match the characters or the situation they're in. I also like how maturely inuyasha is handling everything. All of the prompts are good and flow with the story, they also move the story forward. I wonder how sesshomaru is going to react when they don't return. Will inuyasha stay with kagome or return to the pack? It might be funny to make inuyasha stay after he told kagome that he's leaving. This will definitely get sesshomaru's fur in a bunch but it could defeat the purpose of kagome leaving. She needs time to think about things and if they don't return sesshomaru won't give her any peace until she's his. He'll end up overwhelming kagome with his suddenly amorous or intense actions.


Update soon onegai


Ja ne 

Natalia (Chapter 27) - Sat 22 Jul 2017

Nice! Waiting for more!

teresa daniel (Chapter 27) - Sat 21 Sep 2013

HI ,LIKE THR STORY ,,,,,,,KEEP UP THE GOOD WRITTING,,,,,,,UPDATE REAL SOON...............................TDANIEL

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 27) - Mon 24 Jun 2013

Great story, keep it coming.

Saraniya (Chapter 22) - Sun 12 Aug 2012

Awww poor Sesshoumaru :)

Saraniya (Chapter 20) - Sun 12 Aug 2012

This is why Kagome is so awesome but you seriously had me worried that something bad had happened in the previous snap shot !

Saraniya (Chapter 11) - Fri 06 Jul 2012

This is cute and nice, can't believe I didn't read this earlier :)

MissKatt (Chapter 10) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Awwwwww! I loved it! Great job, Kay!!!


MissKatt (Chapter 9) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Yes!! You already know she's going to be amazing!!


MissKatt (Chapter 8) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

We all know you're all bark, no bite ;)


MissKatt (Chapter 7) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Ohhh!!! Yes! It is a curse! A curse of loveeee'

- MissKatt 

MissKatt (Chapter 6) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

She knows you're up to somethinggg! Hmmm! I can't read to see what happens! - clicks the next chapter-

- MissKatt 

MissKatt (Chapter 5) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

D:! Sesshouuu, what are you up to?


MissKatt (Chapter 4) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Ohh look, he's upset. He should have just embraced their encounter!


MissKatt (Chapter 3) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Ahaha, she knows you're there, Sesshou! XD 


MissKatt (Chapter 2) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Nuuu, don't fight it Sesshoumaru! You know she's awesome and beautiful :)


MissKatt (Chapter 1) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Ohhhhh, I like this so far :)


amy (Chapter 10) - Sun 08 Apr 2012

Thank you for a gorgeously written story, I love it! and best wishes on allof your other writing!

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