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DeathDagger (Chapter 15) - Sun 15 Jul 2018

Awwwwww! I love them so much!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 15) - Sun 11 Mar 2018

All five chapters are great, please update the next chapter quickly!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 15) - Sat 10 Feb 2018

Yay! Officially mated, and out in the open as a couple. Wonderful chapter (: I'm happy they finally told Inuyasha.

Hopeless Romantic (Chapter 15) - Sat 10 Feb 2018

Very well done. Keep going. Has been a pleasure to read.

Charliluv (Chapter 15) - Sat 10 Feb 2018
I absolutely love this fic, really could not stop drinking up chapter after chapter. Love the transitions between the feudal era and modern Japan - super keen to see more interactions between Kagome and the seemingly Sesshoumaru in the future... :D

Alesia (Chapter 14) - Wed 13 Dec 2017

Please keep this going please please. This is one of my absolute  favorites.

Alesia (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Nov 2017

I love this please continue  it

Livvy (Chapter 14) - Fri 10 Nov 2017

Omigosh I love this story so much!! You're doing an amazing job, and I can't wait until Sesshomaru and Kagome don't have to hide their relationship from Inuyasha anymore.

ponpiri (Chapter 14) - Tue 31 Oct 2017

I totally forgot about the man she saw at the restaurant when she was on a date with Hojo. So I guess she'll be meeting her man in the future?


And Yokohama is pretty close to Tokyo. 

Beacvilla (Chapter 14) - Sun 29 Oct 2017

So happy about an update. I assume the child is Kagome’s, but excited to see. Love the story. 

REDWOLF (Chapter 14) - Sat 28 Oct 2017

AWwwww..I just so rnjoy this story.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 14) - Fri 27 Oct 2017

Hahaha, I think Kagome just saw her daugher (: Nice chapter!

MythMagykFae (Chapter 14) - Fri 27 Oct 2017

Hahaha, I think Kagome just saw her daugher (: Nice chapter!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 14) - Fri 27 Oct 2017

Woohoo for updates!!!

Mars (Chapter 13) - Thu 20 Jul 2017

So. Good. 

I usually don't enjoy the "Started as purely sexual, now deep feelings" plot, but you do it so well. 

I'm really enjoying your story far, and I can't wait to see where you take it next.

Ashatan (Chapter 13) - Thu 13 Jul 2017

I hope Kagome comes to her senses soon and stops hiding her relationship with Sesshomaru! I know Sesshomaru will be gloating once he sees the look on Inuyasha's face when he finally catches his scent all over Kagome! 

Corina (Chapter 13) - Wed 12 Jul 2017

Gracias por el update! 

Es fantastica la convinacion de una kagome de buscar lo que quiere y de un Sesshomaru mas pensante.

Espero pronto otro update,  me muero por saber que pasarà!

ponpiri (Chapter 11) - Sat 01 Jul 2017

omg... Kagome is neurotic. She's worried about him dropping her like a bad habit once he's bored, but he's more likely to drop her because she's insecure as hell. I'd get tired having to reassure someone over and over again. :/


And I think it was mean of her to run off for so long, having her friends worry about her. Inu's a butt, but he and her friends didn't deserve the worry.

ponpiri (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 Jul 2017

I'm already loving the first chapter. You set up Kagome's predicament nicely without being too obvious about it.

Alashia (Chapter 1) - Fri 30 Jun 2017

Great Story! Love to see the next update soon!

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