candace peaches (Chapter 1) - Wed 23 Sep 2015

what i wouldnt give to be kagome right now. sesshoumaru can "peep" on me anytime and wouldnt get mad at all. lol :) great lemon. c'ya'

Asanobara (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 Mar 2014

Wow, that was really good! Love it :)

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jan 2014

I read this story on fanfiction two years ago, just leaving a review on dokuga. This is great, Happy New Year! 

Joy (Chapter 1) - Fri 17 Feb 2012

Good story sad ending :(

Dlat (Chapter 1) - Wed 15 Feb 2012

LMAO! That was good. Nice twist there at the end. XD

Question, did she actually know it was Sesshoumaru or did she just know it was a hot guy?

RubyJeweler (Chapter 1) - Tue 14 Feb 2012

Poor Sesshomaru! And yet he can't tear his eyes away from the scene...I feel sorry for him. (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Feb 2012

Mou, that felt like such a cliffy, is there a next chapter? Pretty please? :D i <3 u for it!

addiesmoon (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Feb 2012

that was evil poor sesshoumaru but i love it

insomniac_amy (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Feb 2012

Oh la la! Hot and steamy. 

KEdakumi (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Feb 2012

Ooooo.... you are teh ebil.....tell me this is going to be continued..... please?

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