Treece (Chapter 12) - Mon 22 Dec 2014

What a lovely Christmas tale!  Just in time :-)

TKE (Chapter 12) - Mon 26 Dec 2011

I really enjoyed this...very sweet!

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 12) - Mon 26 Dec 2011

Ah, what a PERFECT ending for such a beautiful story!!!  I loved every chapter of it, and am in awe of your mad writing skillz... so much, in so short a time, and SO SO GORGEOUS!  Thank you for sharing this gem with us, it helped me relax and unwind after each hectic day.



1CarinoInu (Chapter 9) - Sun 25 Dec 2011

Love this Lyra.  So simple yet each one tells so much and conveys a lot of meaning.

Well done!

Meara (Chapter 5) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

He's so sweet, I love it!

Ikaru (Chapter 3) - Thu 22 Dec 2011

This is an awsome start, Can't wait to see more :)

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