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Loveyaa (Chapter 15) - Mon 20 Feb 2012

Aww... I don't think I wanna see it end, but am looking forward to seeing how they end up. Christmas is a magical time and I'm glad that many people got to partake in that magic in your story. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

Eryn (Chapter 15) - Sat 18 Feb 2012

XD  So cute!!!  I love the immaturity InuYasha brings out of people.  WIN!

Little Rin (Chapter 15) - Fri 17 Feb 2012

I'm sad for it to be over. I admit, I've been reading fanfiction on my cellphone in order to escape my toddler's taste in tv.  I never wanted to watch Leapfrog Scout and Friends Phonics Farm ever again, but she's actually learning the letters and sounds and it makes her so happy.... >.<

Unfortunately my new phone won't let me review.  Just so you know, I read EVERY chapter of this before it made it 5 stories down the list.  Thank you for writing. 

Jay_chAn (Chapter 14) - Sun 12 Feb 2012

haha so cute!

Can't wait for an update!


FayeMegan (Chapter 14) - Fri 10 Feb 2012

Yaaay! Great update

dianne (Chapter 14) - Fri 10 Feb 2012

I loved the part where kagome woke up on top of him! It was so adorable and funny

XD I cant wait for the next update

RubyJeweler (Chapter 14) - Fri 10 Feb 2012

It's good to see Sesshomaru's family so accepting of their relationship. :)

Thank you for updating.

insomniac_amy (Chapter 14) - Fri 10 Feb 2012

Katt! You are so mean to stop there. LOL This chapter was so cute. I can't wait to see how Kagome responds to Touga's challenge.

orchid (Chapter 14) - Fri 10 Feb 2012

i love this story...keep up the good work...hope to see the next chapter soon...

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 13) - Sat 04 Feb 2012

Ah!  How can you just stop it there?!  *falls over* I need more in order to survive...

insomniac_amy (Chapter 13) - Sat 04 Feb 2012

What a great chapter! I love the fact that Sesshoumaru is starting to have warm fuzzy feelings about having a family and that he is thinking of Kagome as a possible mate *squeal*

Wonder if he will use the gift Sakura gave him to get Kagome something nice? I look forward to the next update!

Jay_chAn (Chapter 13) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

CUTE!!!! Hope you update soon!!! =]

insomniac_amy (Chapter 12) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

Aww interupted by the kids. LOL I'm so happy that they are finally getting closer and he has opened up to her about something so painful. I can't wait for thier Christmas get together.

Great job Katt! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

FayeMegan (Chapter 12) - Sat 28 Jan 2012

Yay~ I was so happy to get the notification e-mail that you had updated! I love it, please update again soon ^^'

dianne (Chapter 12) - Sat 28 Jan 2012
ahh they almost kissed!!! why must you torture me so?! haha please update soon!

dianne (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 Jan 2012
ahhh! you are so evil! hahaha lol update soon the suspense is killing me

ap (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 Jan 2012

you are the queen of leaving off at the best moments!! i wonder if he figures out who she's talking about or just gets irrationally jealous?? ;)

Forfirith (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 Jan 2012

Hate and rage and many GRRR RAWRs your way for being so mean lately D: I HATE cliffhangers and THAT's ALL YOU'VE BEEN FEEDING ME WOMAN D:

insomniac_amy (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 Jan 2012

Totally squealing like a fan girl!!! I hope she can tell him about her crush in a way that he will realize that it's him!

So cute. I loved the chapter.

Jay_chAn (Chapter 11) - Fri 20 Jan 2012

HAHA!! Oh man i can't believe you left us at that cliffy!!! 

Great update though, can't wait for more!! =]]]

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