Katrina Kee (Chapter 3) - Fri 10 Jul 2015

Oh come on! Now who doesn't like a man who can "take charge of things" like Sesshomaru can! 'Sigh....' And he is a Doctor who operates on children. (Ok cue mushy stuff now.) While Koga forgot that Kagome existed for Three Weeks!!!???!!! What a jerk!!! I am also sure that Koga will be a "repeat performance forget her, make up lame excuse" type" because Kagome seems to be the "always forgive him and take him back" type. She needs someone who will help her to stand up for herself and " just say no" to losers and to friends who try to set her up with such losers. I am sure she has a couple of them in this fic somewhere.........hmmm. Can't wait for more! I personally want a chappie about Kagome beating Sess at his brand spanking new "operation" game that she happens to find in his home! Now that would be funny! Of course, perhaps they could then play a different kind of "operation" game...........oops! I'm sorry I think I set off the smut alert in my house! I need to stop and go turn it off! Anyway thanks and keep up the good work! Yummy!

Xandria (Chapter 3) - Wed 19 Oct 2011

You have fast become my favorite writer. You're very versatile and your stories are addicting! Thank you for sharing your obvious talent with us here at Dokuga!

CookieAsylum (Chapter 3) - Wed 19 Oct 2011

lol I enjoyed Miroku and Sesshoumaru's interaction. Miroku's just too good at reading the poor guy. XD
And Kagome and Sesshoumaru. Dear gawd girl, she should know better. lol But Sesshoumaru not letting her off the hook so easily. I like that. He's a 'take-charge-go-getter' type.
I look forward to the Sesshoumaru and Koga interaction. XD

Keep up the great work!

- CA <3 

Kar (Chapter 2) - Thu 13 Oct 2011

this doesnt seem good... for kagome that is... lol till next time


SlowSookie (Chapter 2) - Wed 12 Oct 2011

"He looks like he’s about to pull up his socks and dance the entire video to ‘Billie Jean.’" That. Had . Me . Too. Weak. I'm Still Laughing ! Oh God, That Made My Day. I Laughed So Hard, I'm Still Wiping Tears! I LOVE This. Most Def. Waiting On An Update (:


Houjin Shikaku (Chapter 1) - Mon 10 Oct 2011

.....................holy, shnapples!! Did not expect that one! I'm pretty sure Kagome is going to sh*t bricks when this goes down. OOOO update can't wait, but take ur time if you want, u got a hard schedule as do I, like i should right now be studying for my midterm thats tomorrow, yep totally not. lol

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