Reviews for Youkai No Mimoto by Madison

Jheni Kuchiki (Chapter 1) - Tue 15 Sep 2020

I want more. Pleeeease. Continue it. I beg you. ????

EmmaLynnx (Chapter 1) - Wed 30 Jul 2014

Such a beautiful story!

Katya (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 Sep 2011

Wow! Great story! I would really love to see this continued! I didn't want it to end!

Fox (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Sep 2011

UNF you're so welcome! I loved reading this story again HAHA. I tear up every time. ;;

Roxette17 (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Sep 2011

This is incredible ! and when kagome said mybe in another life it's hihihihii, i thought immeditaly what if kagome wouldnt come anymore back to feudal era and sesshoumaru will find "accidentaly" this story leaved by good lechereus monk . Sesshoumaru would think that this is kind of joke , but with years he will have dreams with a little miko..... sorry ....too many fanfiction can get to the brain.... lol....anyway great story....

cakeiton (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Sep 2011






Seriously, this was great! The reason why they aren't together is because her *insert spoiler* and how youkai were originated by *insert spoiler* MADDY! This was AWESOME!


Luna (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Sep 2011

Wooo you did use it!! lol I hope you know how much I loved reading it, but I'll say it again... IT'S AWESOME!!!

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