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maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 14) - Sun 19 Jan 2020

BEAUTIFUL!!!~~~i loved reading this story. once again inuyasah messed up big time and sesshoumaru was there to pick up the pieces. kagome found a love worth having and a baby to complete the ending. i love sess/kags pairings. i always thought sess needed someone more than inuyasha did. sess needed someone to protect and he had that in rin; but he also needed someone who could understand him and that's where kags came into the picture. inuyasha needed kags in a different way. she kept him company and understood him, but their relationship, to me, was more like brother and sister. anyway, i love the way you write. keep it up-c'ya'.

Shichimomo (Chapter 14) - Wed 29 Aug 2018

Loved it! The characters developed really well, it's been a while since I've read something that was as equally well written as it was smutty. Well done, and a toast to you, madam!

Badtzmaru1907 (Chapter 14) - Wed 08 Oct 2014

Again another great story! You are a very talented writer. <(^_^)>

LesLuvKit (Chapter 14) - Fri 06 Jun 2014

Is that really the end of the story?  

Reyna_Gant (Chapter 14) - Tue 20 May 2014

Your story holds the depth, smut, and romance that I rarely find anywhere else. This is the type of writing I search for everyday to read. Sexual fantasies to please me, plot and intrigue to entertain me. You are a master. No seriously, consider proffesional writing. Not a joke.

If you don't know, there are stories very similair to this one on By the authors 

1. Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel

2. Mistress Minx

3. Doctorg

and a few others. I just would like to let you know in case you were interested in reading such things. 


Once again, love your work. It is absolutely terrific. 

Seluna Maru (Chapter 14) - Mon 05 May 2014

great story

Seluna Maru (Chapter 11) - Sun 04 May 2014

Just read the intro/Authors note. I am happy as ever that I do not read incomplete stories because the author would drive me mad. Such a good story buy so long to update. I would have dropped dead by then LMFAO

Katelynn (Chapter 6) - Tue 18 Mar 2014

WooWee!!! *fans self* I have to gather myself after each chapter. Amazing writing!

Anima (Chapter 1) - Tue 18 Mar 2014

Loved your story. You did really well in keeping your readers wondering what would happen next. It was a very addicting story. 

joyouki (Chapter 14) - Sat 08 Mar 2014

Aw man it's over! That is a cliffhanger I want a sequel lol!  I enjoyed story but there is so much more to tell! 

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 14) - Thu 06 Mar 2014

aw! Wish we had more but this was a cute story! Loved it :)

M (Chapter 14) - Thu 06 Mar 2014

THAT WAS AWESOME! The ending was cute and beautiful ~~~

TKE (Chapter 14) - Thu 06 Mar 2014

awesome story....sweet ending!

Ankita (Chapter 14) - Thu 06 Mar 2014

hahahhaha I reallly loveddd the ending so beautifullll 

Ariel (Chapter 14) - Wed 05 Mar 2014

Aww, best epilogue ever! So cute! It's sad to see this fic has reached the end. It was a great ride!

Susi8 (Chapter 14) - Wed 05 Mar 2014

I loved reading this awesome story!! Thank you so much for this incredible story, again, I really enjoy how you write. You do an amazing job in making your stories come alive in my head when I'm reading. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 14) - Wed 05 Mar 2014

This story was wonderful and I enjoyed it.

kaoruhana (Chapter 1) - Wed 05 Mar 2014

I liked this.  There were some parts of the story where I wanted Kagome to stop being so stubborn and for Sesshomaru to be more responsive but I think you did a good job of showing all sides of their relationship. I also wish the ending wasn't that rushed but I did like the timing of the baby's birth.  I am quite happy to see this story ending and I want to say congratulations on finishing this story and Blood Stained as well!

Margarida (Chapter 14) - Wed 05 Mar 2014

This story was amaizing! Thank you for charing <3 

mari (Chapter 14) - Wed 05 Mar 2014

loved it awesome story thanks .

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