Reviews for Bad To the Bone by amy

Elizabeth (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 May 2012

This story is very confusing and weird. Did Kagome turn into a man and sesshomaru into a woman? It is also strange that Sessy would be so submissive at all and I dont know if i really like this story or not, but it did have me cracking up a little.

sarah duffy (Chapter 2) - Sat 02 Jul 2011

THIS WAS AMAZING. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR MORE. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK AND WRITING. the only thing i am confused is that they way i am reading kagome and her family are all both genders at least her and her mates as well s the females

cant wait for more.

sessys shadow (Chapter 2) - Sat 02 Jul 2011

great story but i'm kinda mixed up is kagome female or male i don't get it?

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