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Kim (Chapter 28) - Tue 06 Jan 2015

I am so in love with this story!!!! Cannot wait to read more!!!! Thank you so much for writing an amazing tale!

Serena530 (Chapter 28) - Wed 08 May 2013

Please please come back to this.  It's really good and completely interesting.  I can't wait to see what happens next.  Please update. =)

Sweet_Adeline (Chapter 27) - Wed 04 Apr 2012

Wow.. This is turning into something completely different from what I expected. I have a feeling its going to be pretty epic.

KEdakumi (Chapter 28) - Tue 03 Apr 2012

Such a good chapter.  I love how you described time.  Does this mean she will be showing up to them 18 months after she left or are the descriptions of Inu and Miroku at the end, visions she sees as she is watching time in reverse? hmmmm.... Can't wait to see what's happening with Sesshoumaru.

ChaoticReverie (Chapter 27) - Mon 02 Apr 2012

Yaaaaayyyy! This is so exciting! XD I was hoping somethign like this would happen. I do enjoy stories told in Kagome's time, but the one's set in the past seem... right. Not better, just right. I hope you understand what I mean, cuz that sounds a little wonky even to me... *sigh*

Anywho, I eagerly await your next installment!

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 27) - Sat 24 Mar 2012

Wow. Sesshomaru's parting words to her seem really out of character... but then 500 years and a really out of character moment can do that to just about anyone.

Thanks for writing!

Haven (Chapter 27) - Fri 23 Mar 2012

Wow, this is shaping up to be epic. And the journey begins...can't wait!

Lillian (Chapter 27) - Fri 23 Mar 2012

sooo good, but kind of sad and why is my contact bothering me.

Michelle (Chapter 21) - Thu 15 Mar 2012

This scene is excellent.... I love how you deal with the themes of time, both the passing of centuries for the inuyoukai & Kagome... & how it has left its mark upon them.. This is a unique way to deal with this love triangle. A part of me always felt like it was an anticlimatic ending to the Inuyasha-Kagome romance to have him already mated off & everyone is ok with that & happy & suddenly Kagome doesn't love him anymore... it's an easy avoidance of conflict.. that could potentially bring a lot of depth to the story instead. The fact that Inuyasha feels impotent with his old body & the competition between the two brothers.. & how Kagome takes comfort in Sesshoumaru's static state.. very well done. I can't wait to read the rest! :)

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 26) - Sat 10 Mar 2012

...but Sesshomaru forgot to tell her all about LOVE!

Still.. I'm curious how she will change the past. :headtilts: Will you be going with the multiple realities from a single choice option or that there is a singular timeline? Or perhaps something else? I think from the way Goshinboku was speaking singular timeline is optimal.

So Goshinboku loved (loves?) Bokusenu-sama? ...Nothing Happened to Bokusenu... Did it? :whimpers: Or perhaps... the mongolia youkai is one of the lives Kagome is to save by changing time? I wonder who else? Too bad they can't give her more directions or hints before she goes. Hopefully she has enough with what Sesshomaru was able to impart before Inuyasha interrupted.

Thanks so much for writing!

KEdakumi (Chapter 26) - Sat 10 Mar 2012

So wait... they want Kagome to go back in time to balance the world out?  How did it get so unbalanced?  I love the idea of the god tree being a demon tree. :)

Can't wait to see where you take this.

sugar0o (Chapter 26) - Sat 10 Mar 2012





this is sad fixit!

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 25) - Fri 09 Mar 2012

:squee: Booyaka!!! Goshinboku has a special purpose! :happy dances: Although I'm not certain how I feel about it actually Speaking, I'm loving that it will be getting a spotlight!

Now... to find out what it wants!

Thank you for having Sesshomaru bring back her family. I was worried... that he either wouldn't be able to get to Tenseiga or that it would be the Tenseiga is inside of Tetsuseiga things and therefore unavailable as such or something.

I'm guessing the accorn and leaf were courtesy of Shippou? Cute to think about Sesshomaru carrying such around.

Thanks so much for writing!

sugar0o (Chapter 25) - Fri 09 Mar 2012

OH DEAR GOODNESS IN HEAVEN! IT CANNOT END THERE!!!! *throws update bribery c0okies in abundance!*

sugar0o (Chapter 24) - Fri 09 Mar 2012

*twitches in amusment* an acorn and a leaf? O_o

Lillian (Chapter 25) - Fri 09 Mar 2012


Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 23) - Sun 19 Feb 2012

Not getting a break, are they?

Thanks for writing.

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 21) - Sun 01 Jan 2012

:blinks: Inuyasha Aged but Sango & Miroku are not only Alive but Did Not age? :shrouded in confussion:

Thanks for writing.

ChaoticReverie (Chapter 20) - Tue 20 Dec 2011

Awe, poor girl. Poor Inu. :( It would certainly be hard to leave the man you love when he was young, and then to find him only a short while later as an old man.


Well, it's still a good chapter, and a great story, and I'm anxious for more! But, of course, take your time! Perfection required quite a bit of it. ;)

Lumi (Chapter 20) - Mon 19 Dec 2011

This chapter gave me so many emotions, and I mean that in an entirely unsarcastic or meme-y way. There aren't many stories that can consistently make my gut clench with each twist it takes. I applaud you for that.

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