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SessQueen (Chapter 123) - Mon 30 Jan 2012

love it. everyone is so happy. Miroku will never again be able to touch kagome. Lol. I can't wait for the adventures and funny moments in the castle. I wonder how sesshoumaru and kagome are going to behave in the castle together?

Dria (Chapter 123) - Sun 29 Jan 2012


Bird That Flies At Dawn (Chapter 123) - Sat 28 Jan 2012

Aw, what a cute chapter.

Avidreader (Chapter 123) - Fri 27 Jan 2012
So good love this story!!!!! More more MOOOOOOOORRRRRREEEEE!!!!

Tone (Chapter 123) - Fri 27 Jan 2012

Aww poor Miroku he'll never get to grope Kagome again.

henandchicks (Chapter 123) - Fri 27 Jan 2012

(from the author's note at the end):  You know, but we don't.  So spill.......(still loving the story).

KT (Chapter 123) - Fri 27 Jan 2012

Sometimes I forget to review, but this was a nice chapter =) I can't wait to find out what happens next!

TKE (Chapter 123) - Fri 27 Jan 2012

I'm itching wanting to

I love fluffy things (Chapter 122) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

Awww this chapter was sooo cute, please update soon!

Priss_hanyo (Chapter 122) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

Yeah!!  I love the interaction between Kagome and Sessh!  The die in the bathtub is a great idea too, who woud be discolored?  I could see their unintentional victim being Sessh!  lol  Good luck with college!!

Bird That Flies At Dawn (Chapter 122) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

Yes, they're finally back.

Tone (Chapter 122) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

Kagome is so adorable when she's giddy.

Loveyaa (Chapter 122) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

Way to get Airi on Kagome's side when it comes to dealing with the nobles and way to have Sesshoumaru ruin all the fun. I wanna say that now Airi will get to see the two of them in their natural habitat but I feel like Kagome will be just as free but not Sesshoumaru. I wonder how their relationship will progress from here on out, with Sesshoumaru making complements and everything. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

GreyEcho (Chapter 122) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

YAY! I love the putting dye in the tub idea bit lol. Good lucky with your studies. :D

Lumi (Chapter 122) - Thu 26 Jan 2012

I'm almost sad to see the interactions of just these three go, but I look forward to more amusing situation in the future.

Kept up the awesome work!

Kirsten (Chapter 121) - Sun 22 Jan 2012

Totally digging this! I fell in love with the short chapter style after reading Forthright's fiction, and I'm really liking here as well. Also, Airi is great!

Bird That Flies At Dawn (Chapter 121) - Sat 21 Jan 2012

Me, me! ...kind of...Well, as long as Kagome's the one learning...

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 121) - Sat 21 Jan 2012

....maybe Kagome didn't ... but I'VE forgotten her first homework assignment.


Guess I'm backreading. :snaps fingers in mock disappointment: darn.

I love that whole thing with the backwards compliments! Sesshomaru is so amusing!

Thanks for writing!

Nyuka (Chapter 121) - Sat 21 Jan 2012

Haha, I completely forgot about that too...but that isn't really a supprize with my memory -_-' 


As long as Kagome knows what she's doing, but that was clever dispite the name of the chapter being memory I had no Idea she was pring information from him >.<  That was great XD

SessQueen (Chapter 121) - Sat 21 Jan 2012

so looking foward to the etiquette chapters. Thanks for updating.

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