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DemonicAngel91 (Chapter 1) - Sun 21 Jan 2018

Oh My Goddess, this so naughty. I loved every second of it. Though why did you use a yogurt comparison? You messed with one of my favorite foods. I will never look at it again without naughty thoughts again. Though I loved this story big time. 

WyrdSmith (Chapter 1) - Thu 09 Jul 2015

So good, as always. 

Sandreline Moon (Chapter 1) - Wed 20 May 2015

*fans self*


...please excuse me while I go to the grocery store.  I have a very important item to buy!


Very well written, as always! How I missed this one, I have no idea!

Blossom34 (Chapter 1) - Thu 25 Dec 2014


Samara (Chapter 1) - Sun 25 Nov 2012

wow!!! thats really all that i can say... WOW!!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 Jul 2012

That was HOT!!

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 Jun 2012

Ah R0o, I love your amazing writing and beautiful wordage! I could possitivly drown in your stories! And...for some reason I could go for some yogurt right now. XD


Thanks for writing this,


Shelby Lee (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 May 2012

That was hot ^.^ Very good story

VLW (Chapter 1) - Tue 17 Jan 2012

OMG dang will never look at yogert the same again!

JustNineLetters (Chapter 1) - Wed 30 Nov 2011


FluffyandKagome (Chapter 1) - Sun 18 Sep 2011

Someone should definitely do an artwork of the double sit scene hehe

Kristen (Chapter 1) - Sun 31 Jul 2011

This was great :] You did a wonderful job. I've never read anything like it.

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jun 2011


the hunt for the jewel shards would be harder, his idiot brother would be stupider,



Nyuka (Chapter 1) - Mon 23 May 2011

Yum I like Yogurt a lot more all of a



lara (Chapter 1) - Tue 12 Apr 2011

I love this one.I think I read it before on AFF, but I'm not positive.

Krystal (Chapter 1) - Wed 06 Apr 2011

I really liked this oneshot. I think it would be great if you added on to it!!

KnightsLover (Chapter 1) - Thu 13 Jan 2011

i love your story i hope that you make a secound part to it

kissthehentai (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Jan 2011

r0o. This was freaking hot. I love your darn lemons and I wish I could read a new one every day. Haha, unfortunately I am sure you have a life, but I am a big big fan and am so happy I have been reading your fanfics. I wish we could make a button that said, "Sesshoumaru has spoiled me for other lovers." =)

TheMikoShivae (Chapter 1) - Tue 04 Jan 2011

Thank Kami for GM roo's.

Tori (Chapter 1) - Sun 02 Jan 2011

first off r0o I'm a big fan if not bigger. I simply adore your writing it leaves a refreshing taste to the senses, and your attention to detail is simply remarkable. The I've always read your stories but never had the courage to reply, simply because your work was amazing. However you've inspired me to become a writer in a sense of fiction. I thank you and please continue to write as my hunger for your written stories and your lemons leave my imagination happy. My review of your work 

Thank Kami for Yogurt

Writing detail 9

plot bunny 9.2 ( Yogurt who would have thought)

Grammer 10

Lemon 11 (Its really a ten but I've loved this lemon)

Dialogue 5 (There wasn't much but Its ok)

continuation Yes. Simply because I love the lemons you wrote in this one and I like to see more plot!!!!!

Lol you are amazing as always 






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