No longer writing (Chapter 2) - Tue 30 Dec 2014

Bahah! "Do you even have a house?" Lol that was  nice additive. Great story! 

FluffyMuffins09 (Chapter 2) - Fri 20 Sep 2013

Sequal please!XD

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 2) - Wed 10 Jul 2013

This was sweet.

Tessitura (Chapter 2) - Wed 25 Jul 2012

2 cute

CarmMeldoll (Chapter 2) - Mon 27 Dec 2010

What a great Christmas story!  LOVE THIS ONE!! Great job!  Talk about learning the Christmas spirit from the big guy1

InuLover (Chapter 2) - Mon 27 Dec 2010

Awww!  I think that was THE BEST Christmas story I've read so far.  And, I'm so glad you continued it as you did.  It was wonderful!  Go figure that Sesshomaru would be the only one to get to see and talk to Santa.  And, he even got some advice he actually followed!!  Oh, but Rin saw too, didn't she?!  Thank you so much!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 2) - Fri 24 Dec 2010

oh i loves this!


Nilee1 (Chapter 2) - Thu 23 Dec 2010

Thank you for this great story. It is a lovely Christmas gift.

Kanna37 (Chapter 2) - Thu 23 Dec 2010

I would certainly enjoy a sequel...


Sala - nli (Chapter 2) - Thu 23 Dec 2010

Yay Christmas cheer!  :)

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