Reviews for Man Trouble by Lonelylark

DancesWithWolvesandStuff (Chapter 1) - Tue 15 May 2012

Sessho meets Hell Week! I LOVE IT!

Mujitsu (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Jul 2009
Ah, the bane of every man's existence: the dreaded period. I love the details you put into this, even if it was a little drabble. Little details always make the story memorable. I especially loved the line about him hating "Swiss anything." Humor can be especially hard to write, but when you put wonderful little one-liners like that, it makes it a great read for me, so thank you! Mujitsu

Aurora Antheia Raine (Chapter 1) - Mon 12 Jan 2009
LMAO. while i had suspected Kagome being on her period, the way it was written made me think she was pregnant! pregnant woman get mood swings too! xDD that was great. haha.

AmpsterMan (Chapter 1) - Tue 14 Oct 2008
This is awesome!!! Please write more! I can't stop laughing! This is great!

Alexis Lundy (Chapter 1) - Mon 30 Jun 2008
Oh, please continue this! I couldn't stop laughing. His reaction totally reminded me of my boyfriend when he saw pads on his sink as well!

LadySafire (Chapter 1) - Wed 04 Jun 2008
PMS will get them everytime. Men of the World, you had better be damn afraid when our period is here!! LadySafire

Kagome357 (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jun 2008
Oh gawddamn that was hilarious! Welcome to PMSville, population Kagome!

emmaren (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jun 2008
I was so expecting it to be something else. Great job!

Sherri Martin (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jun 2008
Very humorous and nicely written. It would have been priceless to see Sesshomaru's face when he walked in the door! Too bad there isn't anime for these stories!! :) Great job!

helikesitheymikey! (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jun 2008
I thought she was that last part definately threw me for a loop

iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Jun 2008
lmao! Ah, he's in for it now! Real life love and all it's quirks make fantastic stories, ne?

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