Natalia (Chapter 1) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

Amazing! My compliments! It was so real well writen and just credible! Favourite it!

Silverblossom (Chapter 1) - Wed 22 Jun 2016

I adored this one shot! :) One of the best one shots I have ever read.

Raynell (Chapter 1) - Fri 04 Sep 2015

Loved, loved, loved the story, even with the dodgy patient/doctor and a 16-year old Kagome in a sexual relationship with an adult (centuries old to boot!). But it was very well-written and you developed their growing attraction and affection perfectly, in my opinion.

One of the hardest things to believe while reading SessKag fics is Sesshomaru saying "I love you." Very few authors can pull it off and make those three words believable coming from Sesshomaru. You, my dear, are one of them. So well done.

Kimiko-chan (Chapter 1) - Thu 11 Jun 2015

L-O-V-E!! LOVE IT SOO MUCH!! What an ah may zing storyy!!!! *grin*

Haven Himori (Chapter 1) - Tue 28 Apr 2015


I always wondered what would happen if Kagome entered an asylum!! 

Guest (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Dec 2014

Totally love it, yummy lemon by the way XD

Cj (Chapter 1) - Wed 22 May 2013

<3 it!!!! I adore your work :) can't wait till more of your works becomes "complete"

~CherrySakuras~ (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 May 2013

i loved this story so much, it was so cute and well written ^.^ 

Saraniya (Chapter 1) - Mon 09 Apr 2012

Beautifully written and one of my personal favourites that have been written by you that I like coming back to when I want to read some mushy smut :)

criticat (Chapter 1) - Sun 07 Aug 2011

Part of me wishes so much that there was more of this to read and the other thinks it is perfect as it is :) Brilliant!

AP (Chapter 1) - Mon 23 May 2011


Luna (Chapter 1) - Thu 07 Apr 2011

Lol, only you would find a clinically insane Kagome cute.

But then again, so did I!

I love this story! You definitely have a new fan!

Fallen0x (Chapter 1) - Fri 01 Apr 2011

Hi! I loved reading this! :) Very interesting idea! :) It made me a bit depressed at first and I didn't know if I was going to like it, but it ended on a happy note - which is kind of what I need right now! :) Either way this story is definitely a favorite! :D Ja ne!

Hoshi Phoenix (Chapter 1) - Tue 01 Mar 2011

I loved this one-shot! I loved the take on Kagome being crazy for a change. Can't wait to read more of your work! :)

swiftdeath (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

wow, i love it. it is perfect in every way but then yet again it is 4:58 a.m so mabey i am being overly dramatic. it was good though and the characters was so in character. ok well bye, i need to read more fanfictins before i get caught doing so. *wisper* i'm current grounded :)

serasvictoria666 (Chapter 1) - Wed 13 Oct 2010

absolutely wonderful. it's definitely one of the best i've read in a while and i very much look forward to reading more from you. Thank you and take care! ^-^

kay (Chapter 1) - Tue 12 Oct 2010

great story! you hadme crying and laughing all at the same time! job well done, beautiful story.. thank you.

Bre (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Oct 2010

That was really good. I loved that one of the best i've read in a while.

Aki (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Oct 2010

Amazing. I loved it! All of it!


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