Kelly (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Jul 2019

Too funny!  Way to go, Kagome!  

Slayersgurl35 (Chapter 1) - Mon 03 Jun 2019

Panting puppy

Eklipse (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 May 2011

HAHA proves him wrong doesnt it :)

Kagomes_Twin (Chapter 1) - Sat 26 Mar 2011


naqaashi (Chapter 1) - Wed 27 Oct 2010 a guy who's used to seeing his women all cylindrical in kimonos from top to bottom, and haviing to apend ages unwrapping them, this MUST be el paradiso!  i wonder how he managed to not jump her immediately!

Amy (Chapter 1) - Fri 25 Jun 2010


Amy (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Jun 2010


pleasebringlumpia (Chapter 1) - Fri 28 Aug 2009
me gusta mucho!

Kayla (Chapter 1) - Mon 02 Jun 2008
Lol really funny, get the demon all hard , and then leave him with blue balls. Oh wait can demons get blue balls? Hum don't knw, But anywayz good job.

Sherri Martin (Chapter 1) - Sat 31 May 2008
Oh My! That will teach him!! (wink..wink..LOL) But I can't help think that he'll come up with more ways to get her upset over clothing to see where she can go with it! :) I loved it! It was humorous and a little naughty; the best of both worlds!! Great job once again!!

Jill Dozer (Chapter 1) - Fri 30 May 2008
Great story although I wouldn't mind if there was a lemon added.

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