Reviews for Incunabulum by tenchi no mai

knifethrower (Chapter 1) - Tue 17 Aug 2010

Here's the plan.  Just put your real life on hold, and write about this universe all day and all night.  That's what it would take to make me really happy, because I'm painfully addicted to all three of these stories you have going on. 

As is, I get really excited when I see you have written another installment, because I know it's going to be good.  Then, I read your latest chapter, and somehow, it's always even better than I had hoped. 

When you described Kagome writing in her diary in block letters in English, it made me think of the first Tarzan novel.  Tarzan's human parents died, and he was raised by apes.  He got into his parents' artifacts, and through his native intelligence, was able to teach himself to read English, though he could not speak it, of course.  E.R.B. went into painstaking detail (readers were more patient with detail in those days) about how, exactly, Tarzan achieved this, and it make perfect sense.  I halfway expected Sesshomaru to learn by the same method!  I really like the way you characterized both brothers.  InuYasha-who can read a little!  I love that- not many could read 500 years ago, and stories that portray everyone as highly literate drive me nuts- thwarted in reading the second chapter of Kagome's diary, when he had scolded her for wasting her time writing it in the first place!  And Sesshomaru, cool, logical, and persistent enough to go out of his way to learn English, to decipher what she had written.  Awesome, because not only does your characterization mesh beautifully with how the characters are portrayed in the manga and anime, but also, as a precursor to your other two stories!

I LOVE IT!  Now, write more, quick! 

1CarinoInu (Chapter 1) - Mon 16 Aug 2010

Ah yes!  I was wondering when you would do the prequel!  Or at least, give some insight as to what happened before. Yay!  Great writing as always.

I look forward to the next installment.

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