Reviews for The Last Note by Fish Wishes

sesskag<3 (Chapter 2) - Sun 28 Aug 2011

i understand why so many people asked you to re-write your original. And you did a good job. But still...I liked the original better. A lot better, actually. Which is stranger than you can imagine, because I really really really love SessKag and always want them to live happily ever after. But I liked your original because it was so...original. Yes, Kagome still loved Sesshoumaru but she also fell in love with InuYasha and he was who she was with. I don't think she would've completely questioned her love with Inuyasha or her happiness on the day of the wedding which she clearly spent time/enjoyed planning. It just made her seem...fickle. But I suppose one could argue that you shouldn't marry a person even if you have a hint of doubt or feelings for someone else because it would cause tensions in your marriage...and I appreciate that you did that rather than having Kagome cheat on InuYasha or having InuYasha cheat on her or something else so...hollywood.


but yes, the original was much better, but your talent as a writer made the remake still an enjoyable read.

sesskag<3 (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Aug 2011

this was such a depressing fic! What the hell, man?!!


Also, I really, really, REALLY wanted to commend you for never making your stories in any way contrived or unrealistic. I'm glad you wrote Kagome's happiness and love for inuyasha as real, despite her lingering feelings for sesshoumaru. and I am so, so glad you didn't venture into the tired old storyline of them having an affair or anything utterly ridiculous like that.


but seriously, this was such a depressing fic!


what the hell, man?!

Sarah (Chapter 2) - Sun 15 Aug 2010

I must say after reading both renditions I prefer the first one the most. To me it has so much more feeling and touches my heart on a totally different level. It made me cry and yearn to comfort both of them. It made me want to yell at kagome and cry for Sess, while the second one simply brought a smile to my face. Don't get me wrong both were incredible and very well written. Thank you for creating such an amazing work!

Gabrielle (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Aug 2010

Honestly, that was simply fantastic. I felt like the seasons and weather descriptions were not only there to give setting to the story, but were also used as a projection of the characters feelings and situations. For instance, fog would be discomfort, cover up, inability to see, and loss, much like Sesshomaru and Kagome both felt at that first meeting in the park. On her wedding day, clouds cleared up, and when he died, a storm raged. Those are only a few examples of the excellent job you've done in producing insight.

The story flows extremely well. You took your time, it was slow and methodical, a quality I appreciate when reading fanfiction.

Although the ending was sad, I loved it. I'm not one to complain over endings that don't end up with them in a blissful stupor as they relish in each other's company. I adore how you gave us difference with your ending. It was refreshing and painful at the same time.

You gave us an angsty and tense love story through a relationship that did and did not include them. Her marrying Inuyasha and becoming pregnant had pushed Sesshomaru out of being the sole person in her life, yet at the same time, he was still the sole person, but only in her heart. I felt like that was what was great about it. You gave Kagome and Sesshomaru something, but you took away their everything.

Again, thank you and wonderful job. :)

raindancer13 (Chapter 2) - Fri 13 Aug 2010

I like this version much better. lol Sesshy and Kags should always, ALWAYS end up together.:)

RoziiiiWOW (Chapter 2) - Fri 13 Aug 2010

You did a wonderful job with this story......I have goosebumps running up and adown my arms!!1

midnight whisper (Chapter 2) - Fri 13 Aug 2010

oh my goodness...... I am shocked speechless! :o (in a good way lol)

Aubrey Simone (Chapter 1) - Fri 13 Aug 2010

My mouth is literally hanging open, and I'm completely shocked.

I'm not sure what I can say, except that you're a beautiful writer and this is a beautiful, emotive piece. The ending was so shocking, so completely unexpected, and that little twist was exactly what you needed to set this apart from every other fic on this site.

Wonderful job!

(I would say more, but I'm literally floored, and my mind is drawing a blank here ... You did a very good job!)

Much Love,

swift death (Chapter 1) - Sat 07 Aug 2010

aaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!!! i had really hoped sesshomar would just kick inuyasha's ass and get the girl but it wasn't. (crying at the moment)

Noacat (Chapter 1) - Wed 04 Aug 2010

...You hit the soft spot in my heart with this! Unrequited love is sometimes more beautiful than love realised. Also, you made me cry a little. Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

isuzu (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Aug 2010

I agree with Momo, please make a sequel with a happier ending!

While i adore this style of writing, having sesshoumaru die kills a little part of me.....

Anyway, i love the way you had him portray his feelings, while still staying true to his character. You showed how the simple gesture of saying her name spoke volumes on his true emotions.


Sorrows Amaranth (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Aug 2010

Oh my gosh that broke my heart.

Momo (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 Aug 2010

That was truly touching. I cannot find any flaws because this was beautifully written. It is interesting to see what authors will write when Kagome and Sesshoumaru are not together in the end. Hopefully you will write an alternate ending for those sap-lovers (including me) ^^

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