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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 19) - Thu 12 Jul 2012

Great story, I hope you finished it.

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 18) - Sat 01 Oct 2011

hehehe...  these were awesome.

Much love for this pairing and these little drabbles that waltzed us through their mating.


rss (Chapter 17) - Fri 22 Jul 2011

that was hot!

like always...


cakeiton (Chapter 17) - Mon 18 Jul 2011

"her sexy lingerie, it was a shame it had to die by his claws"

i lol'd

emerald skye (Chapter 17) - Sun 17 Jul 2011

8-O   ....That was HOT. Damn. Dirty, hot, forceful, sexy, yummy goodness. Cold shower.

TruGemini (Chapter 16) - Wed 04 May 2011

Hahahaha!!! Good one r0o and Happy Belated Birthday Lovely! We love you!!!

Firehauke (Chapter 15) - Mon 18 Apr 2011

Horribly cute!


#3 made me 'daww' out loud :3

Honey00 (Chapter 15) - Mon 18 Apr 2011

To cute!

Lady Kirara (Chapter 15) - Mon 18 Apr 2011

D'awww! I was kinda sad I had to leave early last night. But I'm glad I could finish reading this today. That was just too cute R0o! Luffed it!

Luna (Chapter 15) - Mon 18 Apr 2011

Sooo cute!! i'm so glad I was able to catch the few prompts that I missed! This was so much fun to read!

cakeiton (Chapter 15) - Mon 18 Apr 2011

aaww I love them BOTH as puppies!! too adorable!

lara (Chapter 14) - Mon 28 Mar 2011

That was great & cute. A nice little drabble story.

Nilee1 (Chapter 13) - Sun 13 Mar 2011


QuietSerenade (Chapter 12) - Thu 17 Feb 2011

That was so sweet r0o! I loved it. You are very talented. Yes, yes!



Luna_Spellsprite (Chapter 12) - Thu 17 Feb 2011

Just awesome Lady rOo!

Synyster Star (Chapter 11) - Sun 16 Jan 2011

woo!! oh r0o i loves it <3333

Creature of Shadow (Chapter 8) - Sun 07 Nov 2010

I love this r0o! So full of awesomesauce! I can't wait to do this again! <3

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Nov 2010

OOOOH, r0o!!!  This is the first time I've read through all your wonderful drabbles, and I wanted to tell you how EXTREMELY much enjoyment I got from them!  I love that you are still writing, even if it's only drabbles, and I still have fond hopes that, one day, you will finish "Do You Know How to Dance?"  I love your arts, VERY MUCH, but I adore your writing too!

Still, I had to laugh... almost every drabble series started out with the 100 words as it was supposed to but, by the end, you totally blew the lid off it.  By the last one in the latest chapter, I was giggling and saying "That's our r0o!"

Anyway, thanks so much for today's reading pleasure... hope to see more as time allows you!!



DemonQueen17 (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Nov 2010

Loved them all, but the last one was the saddest one yet. At least Kagome would be his, but in a different way. At least, he and Sesshomaru would get along much better. As for Kikyo, she better start paying that bill Karma sent her soul. Awesome.

naqaashi (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Nov 2010

:D of course that cursed ruby won't go out in a flash of pretty pink sparkles. i loved part of my wants to see sess and kags courtship explained in more see it from their eyes, but the other is satisfied and yet, intrigued with inuyasha's perspective on the events. it's a strange viewpoint to write from...i'm surprised you chose it, but it def gives a whole other flavour to the story. distant, yet charming.

and the end could make one cry...melancholy and weet, like things are finally falling into place as they should be...but not without great losses first. and that tang of "what could have been"....

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