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maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 11) - Thu 14 Dec 2017

short, sweet, and i LOVED reading it from start to finish. you are a very good writer. keep it up and i'll be sure to read more of your stories in the coming future. c'ya'

rachel (Chapter 4) - Fri 23 May 2014

too  cute

Sang (Chapter 6) - Wed 05 Jun 2013

Haha, I see what you did there. ;D  Of course you would make inuyoukai love chocolate here.  What a dog can't have, an inuyoukai must love! LOL.  I found this chapter cute and sweet and just had to review. :)

Kristen (Chapter 11) - Sun 22 Apr 2012

This was so cute! I've been trying to get my Sesshoumaru fix in, and I wanted it to be short and sweet :] I found it here. I can't wait to catch up on your other stories.

Kristen (Chapter 3) - Thu 19 Apr 2012

I'm very impressed with this so far, and I like it very much. It makes me want to try baklava (sp?).

Scherherazade (Chapter 11) - Sat 03 Dec 2011

A very sweet story. lol  Seriously, this was a well written romance and I enjoyed reading it very much.

R.M. Avalon (Chapter 11) - Mon 03 Jan 2011

I absolutely loved this story; it was sweet and fun and funny as all get out! Wonderful job!

AmberEyes (Chapter 11) - Sun 02 Jan 2011

You are wonderful! This was really great! I really loved how you focused on colors, scents, and tastes! Thank you for sharing this, it was really good! :D

Lavender (Chapter 11) - Sat 01 Jan 2011

I love happy endings and this was a totally perfect one!


Lavender (Chapter 10) - Sat 01 Jan 2011

eeep! how adorable! and totally perfect timing too!

Keep it up!


sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 11) - Sat 01 Jan 2011

this was totally sweet :3

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 10) - Sat 01 Jan 2011

omg i LOVES this!

Alpine (Chapter 9) - Fri 17 Dec 2010

Oh I just can't wait to see what you have in store for the next chapter.. I hope it's a huge hit to Inuyasha's wallet... ha ha

Looking forward to another chappy
Alpine ^_^

Terry Lynn (Chapter 6) - Thu 18 Nov 2010

This fanfic is making me crave like crazy! Great fanfic. XD Sesshoumaru and his chocolate fetish is so cute.

Lavender (Chapter 9) - Sat 02 Oct 2010

This is fabulously written! I love how you keep us guessing with each new chapter, and I just can't wait to see what happens next! Keep it up!



sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 9) - Fri 01 Oct 2010

>:3 Silly puppy! i love this!

FoxyLadyKnight (Chapter 8) - Thu 09 Sep 2010

Ohhhh...I so love this story. Goodness do I love Sesshoumaru..he is so HOT! I love the interaction between him and Kagome. More please and hurry.

Megan007 (Chapter 8) - Thu 09 Sep 2010

Damn LOL heheheheh that was Wow heheheheh Wow!!!!!- I lol "  She was aroused from eating cheesecake, not from his attentions!" LOL classic line!! I love it. " LOL of her making thoses moans LOL heheh he got hard, now that is funny who knew that Sesshomaru would get hard on just hearing her moan form cheesecake and now form him LOL now that is funny indeed hehehehehe.


I can't wait to read more.





Megan007 (Chapter 5) - Thu 09 Sep 2010

Aww they talked if you call it talking, funny thing is, is that when you do meet a person!!! I you don't think they are your type, and then you have a converstation with them, and then you kind of have that butterfly feeling that means that you like ther person, now matter if they are not your type at all Hehhehhehe.


Good job!! loved it



Megan007 (Chapter 4) - Thu 09 Sep 2010

OMG I started to brusted out laughing!!! Really Choclate? LOL, well the thing about Choclate, is that it can be very temting, and some times you have to give into your Tempations LOL, that is the down fall of cholate LOL.


This story is great I love it!!!, very well written!!, keep it up.




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