Wickedone43 (Chapter 1) - Tue 19 Jun 2012

Whew!  That was hot!  I should not have read this hear at work...


Hay Dios mio!

Very good...very good indeed!

blueminx87 (Chapter 1) - Sun 08 May 2011

Yay! I await more yummy lemon one shots from you!!! XD

randomfan17 (Chapter 1) - Fri 24 Dec 2010

I loved this because i can imagine Sesshomaru as a peeping tom and totally possessive once he had her. This was good and i hope you keep writing things like this in the future.

Quiet Whisper (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 Aug 2010

whew that was a hot one!! I know art can be considered sensuous at certain times but this takes the cake! You wrote it wonderfully and i just love the idea of him painting the word 'MINE' on her *giggle*

Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 1) - Mon 19 Jul 2010


Lady Loveless (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Jul 2010

Wow!! I believe thats my fave oneshot, but to me is missing something. I dont know, but I feel that it shouldn't be a oneshot. To me it has momentum (sp? i think o.o) to be a short story.

sesshys_jaded_samuri (Chapter 1) - Fri 18 Jun 2010


Amy (Chapter 1) - Fri 18 Jun 2010


hopuchan (Chapter 1) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

that...was...an amazingly tantalizingly great little lemon! luvs it!

Tana_san (Chapter 1) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

Excellent...erotic, yet sensual. I enjoyed this piece greatly. I commend you on your ability to write such a delicious lemon. I do believe I will add this to my favorite's list.  JEN

addiesmoon (Chapter 1) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

perfect i loved it cant wait for another chapter. i like to see kagone use that brush on sesshoumaru now that woould be fun. thanks for a great read

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

O_O i LOVEs that! Paint the word Mine across her tummy could mean her, her womb, all of it! >_>

*greedy lil r0o*


*wiggles update bribery c0okie at you!


so hot >:3 i love this!

Tisha (Chapter 1) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

yu know you may not write a lot of lemons, but when you do a person needs to take a cold shower to cool off.  great job.

TruGemini (Chapter 1) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

That was a very sensual lemon that you wrote. You did an awesome job. The imagery it inspired alone was on point. Keep up the great work!

Beautifully Wicked (Chapter 1) - Thu 17 Jun 2010

OMG!!!!!! I loved IT! I knew you had it in you. It was lovely, and surprising, and sinful, and kinky but most of all SEXY! <3333333

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