Reviews for King Dokuganong by Walter205

Naraku (Chapter 1) - Mon 12 Apr 2010


Quiet Whisper (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Apr 2010

wow Walter.... just wow... first I get skewered and now I've been beheaded... you could seriously write a fic on all the ways to kill a Whisper... LOL j/k anyway it was awesome as always and poor r0o!!! you turned her into r0o goo and made her stomp on everybody >.<

katlady (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Apr 2010

you killed  Ro0

;.; :cryes: Poor  ro0


::lol::  but this  is  too  funny    good  work

sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Apr 2010

>:3 you do know i'm like wolverine, cant really kill me, i'll just come back >:3 ! i smoosh people! yEy!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Apr 2010

Walter, I'm with Safie, I REALLY don't want to know what goes on in your head. But you make me laugh and that's always good! But, QUIT KILLING ME OFFFFF!

Danyealle (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Apr 2010

LMAO!  Good one Walter!

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