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marisel (Chapter 2) - Tue 02 Apr 2019

This is really good is a shame you didn't end the story.  Another what of? Whais?  Where?  Ahmmmm!

Odd Questions (Chapter 1) - Thu 07 Aug 2014

This story is soo good!!! Please update. PLEASE!!!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 3) - Thu 12 Jul 2012

This story is amazing, I hope you finished it.

emmyjenny (Chapter 3) - Fri 25 Nov 2011

awesome story... i've read it before and rereading it again i love the way Kagome has grown so strong and well... mad lol i really want to see Sesshomaru's reaction to her changes and what happens to kagome now that she's run away.. it'd be cool if she turned up at Sesshomaru's dopr step or chapters about her living out in the wilds :D maybe having a few fights with the governement people sent after her... maybe erasing their memorys or something... considering Sesshomaru is Kagome's constant i think she'd like to get to know him in this time maybe even fighting him or changing his mind about his need to hold power... maybe lol

update if you can.. i have a feeling that you  don't know what to write next... so i hope my museing above help

Kamiki (Chapter 3) - Sat 14 May 2011

Wow, this is Amazing!! I love the feel of it: hopeless (having to live the same story over & over again) yet hopeful (but maybe this time it's changed for good) at the same time. I absolutely adore the characterization of Sesshourmaru & Kagome in this one. Kagome still seems like herself (just more mature, softer) even though she's lived so *very* long. It's gorgeous.

I know this story has been on hold for a while, but if you ever decide to update again, I'm going to devour it with abandon! :)

greeneyedphan (Chapter 3) - Thu 16 Sep 2010

Oh my goodness!! This is such an awesome storyline! You really should continue it it!

aurora22 (Chapter 3) - Thu 18 Mar 2010

An interesting story! Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Hope you update it soon! It figures Sesshoumaru would take advantage to conquer Japan.

sharna (Chapter 3) - Sun 18 Oct 2009

I find that your talent as a fanwriter eclipses most that i have read... your stories are amazing and a true joy to read.  I am really looking forward to reading this as you continue to develop it

Anonymous (Chapter 3) - Sun 05 Jul 2009
Very nice. You have chosen quite original premises for the story. One must wonder what Kagome has learned during her several hundred years. That most likely makes her quite overwhelmingly strong... Hopefully not Mary Sueish... Maybe using reiki to do things normally done with youki to some degree? After all energy is energy and youki and reiki are both energy. What can be done with one might be able to be done with the other. Only the degree of difficulty should wary due to different affinities the energies have. Normally miko and youkai alike might want to not learn things considered the other's domain in an attempt of looking more different from each other than they actually are. Perhaps acknowledging this propably unpopular fact (maybe by demonstrating ability to do something normally not in their domain) should allow for "equivalency exhange" in a duel. (In an attempt to retain cordial relations it might be forbidden for miko and youkai to duel. However if for the purposes of the duel the miko was considered "an elemental of heaven's fire" or something, things might get interesting ;-) After all what is purification if not poisoning ones opponent using some of ones energy one has tweaked to be harmful to the target. If so one could propably use it to combat bacteria/viruses/etc in addition to youkai. Humans might be tricky as the tweaking would have to take place outside of mikos body or they would likely kill themselves.

Missa (Chapter 3) - Fri 23 Jan 2009

This is an absalutly stunning story, i have never been disapointed in your work, infact you always manage to up the anty and suprise me. I truly hope u decide to continue this one.

Sessylove219 (Chapter 3) - Thu 16 Oct 2008
This is a very cool concept. I love it. You know I am a sucker for Kags/Sess romances. I can't wait to see how/if they get together. Great job!

Yuzuki (Chapter 1) - Fri 19 Sep 2008
It's a great and interesting story. I can wait for you to update! Good job!!

BlackBirdBasilica (Chapter 3) - Fri 19 Sep 2008
omg i love this story you have to write more soon

wawa (Chapter 1) - Tue 16 Sep 2008
I loved Donnie Darko and I love this story. I found it easy to follow. You are one of my favorite authors...I think I may have told you this before on Your stories always have a way of sucking me in. See you next time!

hikari hime (Chapter 3) - Mon 15 Sep 2008
Very well done, miss rOo!! This is a fine plot, really, with an unusual twist of the ankle. The mind boggles, really. But I know an unrully puppy who is good for a fine suprise ^_^. I'm eagerly waiting for more. Dewa mata

Too lazy to log in (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 Sep 2008
Mhmm!I saw that one of those pretty blue spheres weren't correctly filled in. So I took the liberty of rating to fill in that lovely sphere. Please continue with this wonderful story. As always, I look forward to more!

kotainuchan (Chapter 3) - Sun 14 Sep 2008
Whooooaaaa what the hell.... haha no really it's very interesting. I'm eagerly looking forward to an update.

joyouki (Chapter 1) - Sun 14 Sep 2008

joyouki (Chapter 3) - Sun 14 Sep 2008
oh changing the future never a good idea. I really like that Kags left a history book and Sess has it! I also find it interesting that Sess has been visiting her, and the way it looks he is starting to have feelings for her! JUICY

Nobody (Chapter 2) - Mon 18 Aug 2008
Dear god i love this! Great idea, and you write it so well. I don't think i have ever read anything so fast. Great job

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