Reviews for Evanescence by Kat

Suka25 (Chapter 11) - Mon 25 Jun 2012

listened to the music with the story very good! Fit perfect!



Suka25 (Chapter 11) - Sun 13 May 2012

I cried and laughed at the same time. I loved it!!!!



sugar0o (Chapter 11) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

awe thatws sad and sweet all at the same time! good job!

sugar0o (Chapter 10) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

oh ho ho! go beasty!!!

sugar0o (Chapter 9) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

thats really cool that his dad came back, but so sad b/c the kits arent claimed and cant turn humaniod til they are! man he's gunna have a lot to make up for when/if he remembers.

sugar0o (Chapter 8) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

oh noes! he forgot her! TT3TT meanie!

sugar0o (Chapter 7) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

OH NOES!!!!!!!!!! head injuries suck! >:l fixit!

sugar0o (Chapter 6) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

oh ho ho! thats the most interesting thing for turning rin! milk and blood in true form @_@ so creative! but why didn't shessho har anytihng!?!?!?! @_@ *is worried*

sugar0o (Chapter 5) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

oh i like that! the pearls and protection :3 r0o hasnt seen that before, very creative :3 sad they ddint get to go on more romp then one though =x

sugar0o (Chapter 4) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

o.o this seems a bit rushed, but hey your the author :3 i cant wait to see what you do next

sugar0o (Chapter 3) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

i LOVE possessive kaggies! >:3 i cant lie i know its finished but i really hope she whoops some wenches arse !

sugar0o (Chapter 2) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

goo chapter! sad for kagome though, its interesting! i love thats she's a fox demon we dont get to see near enough of foxy miko! :3

sugar0o (Chapter 1) - Sun 14 Mar 2010

Ello Kat-chan1, r0o saw your story and thought she'd read it, i see there arent any reviews :\ maaaaa I'm sorry! but i'm planing on changing that!

so far i like this but i can say there are only a few thinsg that might need help so far. minor things, like spelling and description, but i'm not perfect and i dont think anyone is, so no worries there. My goal is to review your fic, and help you as an author.

I think song fics get a bad rep b/c of the fact that most people have the characters singing, and thats very out of character for them unless they are drunk. That being said, not that i dont like it b/c i think that's one reason for the lack of reviews.

I also think you need to work on your summary, anything would be better then just " based off this album" that gives us no idea how your story is going to work or what kinda fic it is. That being said, try something simple and along the lines of

"Sick of Inuyasha's attitude kagome expresses herself through great change by singing." song-fic via "album name"

the only reason i say this is b/c i know a lot people rarely read the song that's listed b/c they either already know it, or dont want to take the time. anyway so far its good, and i'll see you on the next review!


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