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Rowdys girl (Chapter 24) - Fri 28 May 2010

Oops! Those purple panties! Somehow I don't think they will really be needed. LOL. Very clever, all these twists and turns. And now we know Sesshy had a son, but who is his momma?

Banana (Chapter 23) - Mon 24 May 2010

you write a perfect gramps. perfect!

sugar0o (Chapter 23) - Mon 24 May 2010


Banana (Chapter 22) - Sat 22 May 2010


I think Gramps is right on but idk, licks for Sessh would be...well very nice haha

sugar0o (Chapter 22) - Fri 21 May 2010

*is amused* more please :3

~Juggalette4Lyfe420~ (Chapter 22) - Fri 21 May 2010

LOL I am soooooo gonna just through this out there but Is this man Sesshomaru I mean the one in the future that arugued with gramps bout the lick cuz he WOULD know what to do better than n/e one since he went through it lol :) I LOVED THIS CHAPTER KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Rowdys girl (Chapter 22) - Fri 21 May 2010

Nothing better than to start my day with a clever, funny chapter from Perphila! You make me laugh so hard!

sugar0o (Chapter 21) - Fri 14 May 2010

O_O hahahahahahaha awesome =x

Rowdys girl (Chapter 21) - Fri 14 May 2010

I've been hanging on every word! But I can't believe that Sesshoumaru, for all his hundreds of years of living, would come up with, "Lick her!" LOL *snort* Kinda lets you know WHY he's still single!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 20) - Thu 06 May 2010

Poor Sota! Kids ALWAYS miss the best parts! LOL

Rowdys girl (Chapter 19) - Thu 06 May 2010

Oh lordy! He can't really handle the girl when she's the only one in her body, how's he gonna handle her with other occupants? LOL. I am just loving this!

Fluffy Lady (Chapter 19) - Wed 05 May 2010

This is hilarious! I laughed throughout the entire thing! More please!

~Juggalette4Lyfe420~ (Chapter 17) - Mon 26 Apr 2010


Rowdys girl (Chapter 17) - Sun 25 Apr 2010

ooooh, I hope it's happening - it's making me cackle like a chicken! Please, keep feeding my addiction!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 15) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

Yer killin' me with laughter! This is soooo good! I can't wait for the next chapter, but I guess I'll have to.

mary (Chapter 15) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

barking mad! the lot of them. i wish i had the mirror too...

rabidwoodchuck (Chapter 13) - Fri 02 Apr 2010

I read the missing chapeter 7. Honestly, the story stands fine without it. You explaine Kagome's predicament well enought for us to figure out what happened. Without the chapter, the reader is still left to discover Kagome's adventure along with the rest of the family, which seems to fit with the feel of the story. I would say just leave it out. Adding it in now makes a speed bump that destroies the continuity. The last thing a writer wants is for the readers to scratch their heads asking, 'HUH?'

I would like to say that the premise of this story is fantastic! Gramps is generally portraied as a bumbling old fool. THank you for giving him some life. Just because his sutra do not work should not mean that he is truely usless. I love it and eagerly awaite the next episode.


mary (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Mar 2010

the suspense is killing me here!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 10) - Fri 26 Mar 2010

*snort* NOW Inuyasha finds out the old man actually has power! I'm loving this story so much!

Aly (Chapter 9) - Fri 19 Mar 2010

lol Gosh he's a conniving little man, isn't he? XD

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