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KeikoTakataxx12 (Chapter 13) - Mon 12 Sep 2016

Ahhh, the experience. I miss being pregnant. 

YamiYoukai (Chapter 9) - Sat 11 Sep 2010

sorry, me again. love your story, but I rather enjoy seeing the medical comments from another pov. Yup ultrasounds are hard. And I had a great, patient teacher. I dunno the term in english, but in spanish it would be similar to imaging, and so the Doc said it was because you need one hell of an imagination to see what the dmn screen is showing you!  This actually causes the turtle and burger tip: since there is no third dimention you need to seek those images to see either a vulva or a penis, specially since it isn't bone, which are the easiest parts to see. I dunno how many ultras did you have, but you can sometimes see the babes suck their thumb or playing with their own umbilical cord!!! _Pretty cute if you ask me :)

YamiYoukai (Chapter 3) - Sat 11 Sep 2010

Actually, though the 40 week count is tecnically right, a female could enter labor from the 36 weeks, and it is considered perfectly fine. BUT... the first baby will usually follow through the whole 40 weeks, if it's any form of consolation, it's only the first time

Lady Ashurii (Chapter 10) - Fri 03 Sep 2010

omg i love u when i read wat kagome said about sesshomaru's dick i burst out laughing

Rowdys girl (Chapter 13) - Wed 16 Jun 2010

LMFAO!!!!!!! Sesshoumaru said frilly! *rolls on floor screaming with laughter*

Kanna37 (Chapter 13) - Wed 16 Jun 2010



theunknownchild (Chapter 12) - Tue 15 Jun 2010

Awe...sweetness :)

Janey-jane (Chapter 12) - Tue 15 Jun 2010

awww, short but sweeeeeeet! A very cute chapter.

wow (Chapter 1) - Thu 03 Jun 2010
nice story.... update?

Lilly Akame (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Mar 2010

OMG this is soo cute! Please update soon!! Its so funny XD

sesshyzcutiie (Chapter 10) - Tue 30 Mar 2010

ii almost diied here...lololol...


"Is he going to grab it?"


Oh Lord...


to funny...diid u go through thiis wiith ur love?? lol...cuz iif so...that's a family gatheriing joke :p

sendy (Chapter 10) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

OMG!!! I was reading this is class and I erupted in laugher... totally ackward but worth it.

Aneisa (Chapter 10) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

Lmfao. Reach out and grab it??'re amazing. My brother-in-law had the same issue. My sister had to manhandle him into the act. It was hilarious.   



PotionsPet (Chapter 8) - Mon 22 Mar 2010

“Fine, I will carry your purse, but only because you carry my child.” Love the last line

1CarinoInu (Chapter 9) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

Awwwwww, that was darn cute.  Sorry, my three actually were termed as boys or girl.  No funny names for "parts."  Sorry.


Quiet Whisper (Chapter 9) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

awww that's so cute!!! Sesshy's all happy he's gonna be a daddy to a lil gummybear... erm i mean boy... yeah a boy lol. Great job, can't wait to see what's next!

Happy2SeeAll (Chapter 9) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

aww they are having a boy gummybear... lucky them! My husband swore I was having an alien at that was at 8 months along lol of course he swore it had to be an alien with the foods I ate no human could consume ha ha

Kanna37 (Chapter 9) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

LMAO@Gummybear!  That's too cute!


janey (Chapter 8) - Mon 15 Mar 2010

aw that was really sweet at the end!

Mariposa (Chapter 3) - Thu 11 Feb 2010

Haha wonderful! that was a great update!

I love the end...I think that would have been a pretty amazing reaction to see.

Thanks for updating AND telling me that pregnancy was actually 10 months....i had no idea.

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