criticat (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 Mar 2012

Die clothes die! 

Loved it all, especially the ending. 

amy (Chapter 1) - Fri 20 May 2011

FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!Anything he wants , huh? SHe will be his mate for that crime.

blueminx87 (Chapter 1) - Sun 08 May 2011

You know, I think you're right......I"ll bet anything he does have tasty thighs and a nice ass.....and you can rest assured you're not the only one who has fantasized about a horrendous end befalling those overly pristine white balloonish hakamas....the really NEED TO GO!!! lolz

Anonymous (Chapter 1) - Sun 26 Sep 2010

Krazy (Chapter 1) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

Lol. Original. Funny. Nice. So good. Hehehehe...

Lexie (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Mar 2010

uh hem *blinkblink* *cough cough* that was uh wow *shifts uncomfortably*

is that a oneshot or is there more? :P

please update!!

christina (Chapter 1) - Wed 10 Mar 2010

so very funny! that was greaty

Lexie (Chapter 1) - Tue 19 Jan 2010

oooohh la la! Mmmm mmm hellz yeah! AWESOME! loved it ;)

Hoshi Phoenix (Chapter 1) - Mon 18 Jan 2010

I love that Kagome stole Sesshoumaru's clothes! That was funny! Great job Aimee!

GreyEcho (Chapter 1) - Mon 18 Jan 2010

Hahaha! That was awesome! I like her reasons for the clothing having to go. After seeing that kinda perfection, seeing it covered up in baggy clothing is wrong. :P lol and He would chase after her regardless of clothing. >D

Your karma has been given. Thank you for submitting! :D

SunsetMiko (Chapter 1) - Mon 18 Jan 2010



This was awesome, the ending especially so.

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