Reviews for Wishless by JeniNeji

MythMagykFae (Chapter 4) - Tue 11 Aug 2015

AAAAAAAHHHH! You are a great writer and artist! Love this story (:

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 4) - Mon 06 May 2013

This story was great and I enjoyed it!

Knight of Disorder (Chapter 4) - Mon 14 May 2012

This is 50/50 for me. It's good, it's not good. Needs a grammar check. Good set up, didn't really flow that well though. With every good comment comes another that isn't as good. But still, it's not bad.

Fallen0x (Chapter 4) - Mon 18 Jul 2011

i enjoyed your story! thanks for writing! :)

GreyEcho (Chapter 4) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

Aw! The ending was sweet. :D

Lexie (Chapter 4) - Fri 26 Mar 2010

nnnaaawwwww ^.^ so cute

~krazy4fluffy~ (Chapter 4) - Mon 01 Mar 2010



me LIKE!!!


Update soon!!! ^^ now THIS is something... Grrr I wanna eat that Sesshoumaru :P lol

Mistress-of-PinkyFluff (Chapter 4) - Wed 27 Jan 2010

AWWW! That was really sweet!

BTW I know I may sound childish but the only thing I could keep thinking in chap 3, when Sessh healed Kagome's lips, was; INDIRECT KISS! INDIRECT KISS! RED ALARM!


Angelicatt (Chapter 3) - Tue 19 Jan 2010

This was a great chapter...Sess always knows when to put his foot down...why can't he tell her why he wants her to stay??

xokaggyfanox (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Jan 2010

really gud beautiful i love it. rin a miko new twist but it definatly fits her she is so innocent nd pure. i wonder what else you have instored for this story. kagome's powers, the jewel, the wish. one more thing from the chapter sesshoumaru said kagome refused him to revive him...why? kagome had her chance to get inuyasha back why not. was it bc of kikyou wanting him in hell. i'm just confused on that part other than that this is a pretty gud story.

Angelicatt (Chapter 2) - Thu 14 Jan 2010

Rin a miko too?? So Sess was leading her to the castle all along?? Sneaky dog

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