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Crimson Rose (Chapter 13) - Tue 08 Nov 2016

I love your story! Especially the way it's flowing. But I feel like the flashbacks are excessive. I usually just skim then to read the present things happen or just read the flashbacks theatre vital to the story. 

KaminokoDaughters (Chapter 13) - Tue 20 Dec 2011

Nooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the rest?! You can't just leave me here!!!!! *cries pitifully* I'm so in love and I'm about two seconds from strangling Sesshoumaru's neck so he'll tell me what the heck had him out of the country so long, slapping Kouga and Inuyasha for just being dummies, and pummelling Kikyo into the ground for daring to think her skank behind could ever entice one such as the great Sesshoumaru... oh and thinking such horrible things about Kagome, that too. :(  I love your story, does it not love me back? Does it not wish to finish being written so that I may read it? :( *wiggles cookie at you* pleeeeeease?


SessQueen (Chapter 13) - Sun 27 Nov 2011

interesting chapter. I can't wait to see what the next one holds.

RubyJeweler (Chapter 13) - Thu 24 Nov 2011, Kagome will find shelter in the last place will ever thought to look? Does that mean it will be Sesshomaru? (:Thank you bunches, for updating. I can't wait for future chapters. I really want to find out why he left her in the first place, but, alas, I know I have to wait a bit before it draws to that conclusion. ^^

Karen-not the author (Chapter 13) - Thu 24 Nov 2011

Very interesting story!  Too true on how things get  screwed up when you don't ask the right questions or the right people!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Venita (Chapter 13) - Wed 23 Nov 2011

Great story, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family.

Oh Please (Chapter 13) - Wed 23 Nov 2011

I'm sooooo happy you picked this story back up. I loved it when you first posted it, eons ago. Now, you have me on the edge of my seat again, waiting for each new installment. 

Love it, love it, love it.

So many twists and turns.  What IS Ro doing all the time?  (are you sure he's not a dog too? I'm just sayin')

Keep up the great work.

Saraniya (Chapter 13) - Wed 23 Nov 2011

Thank you for updating!

Anonymous (Chapter 12) - Mon 14 Nov 2011

Ahhh! i feel like you left me hanging! please update soon i love this story so much and i love the twist you put on everything please dont leave all of your readers hanging to long.

Saraniya (Chapter 12) - Thu 10 Nov 2011

You updated!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its an amazing chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I'm kind of on a sugar high and really glad that you updated!

Mysticangeldust (Chapter 12) - Thu 10 Nov 2011

I'm very glad you have continued this story. It is very unique, and I can't wait to see Sesshoumaru's side of things. I just hope Inuyasha's head doesn't ruin this opportunity for Sesshoumaru to find out what really happened with Kagome while he was gone. I think it's time he learned, and started trying to win her back!

Vicky (Chapter 12) - Thu 10 Nov 2011

I'm so happy you updated. I wish you would update more often. I'm glad to know that you haven't abandoned this story. It's been one of my favorite stories. Love this new chapter...i wonder how Sesshoumaru would react to knowing that he hurt Kagome badly.  Please update again soon

Dark Angel (Chapter 12) - Thu 10 Nov 2011

This has been one of my favorite stories since I found it! I am sooo happy you updated! It is soo interesting and i am constantly sitting on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to find out sesshomaru's side of the story! AMAZING!

terryanna (Chapter 11) - Sat 17 Sep 2011

I love your story can you please continue it? I absolutely love the flow and the no room for confusion and no grammatical errors in it.So please finish it.

Anonymous (Chapter 11) - Thu 21 Jul 2011

update please dont leave this story alone i would love to read more of it!! Hope you update again soon!(:

Patricia (Chapter 11) - Thu 21 Jul 2011

Hahah oh how I loved the part on Miroku and "His nose for bullshit was impeccable" it was right on and was funny at the same time. When I saw you updated I was surpized cause I definatly thought you abandoned it but im glad your back! This chapter had alot of the past sesskag interaction so I loved it. Sess is really being an idiot for not apolozging to her when hes the one who left her so I hope he comes to his sences and has some sort of excuse. What i like abouts fic is im also in a situation sort of like this one so I can relate when I read.

Saraniya (Chapter 11) - Tue 19 Jul 2011

I love you! You finally updated! Much appreciated!

SlowSookie (Chapter 11) - Tue 19 Jul 2011

Funny ! Funny ! I was literally rolling on my bed laughing, holding my sides crying. Please update sooooon !

amy (Chapter 11) - Mon 18 Jul 2011

please finish this story, if only to see if he learns how to love her again!

KitElizaKing (Chapter 11) - Mon 18 Jul 2011

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