Cassandra G. (Chapter 2) - Sat 26 Oct 2019

This is hilarious! And so well written. Poor, poor Kagome. I feel for her. This entire experience must be mortifying. I really hope more people will read this gem - it deserves a lot of love.

Stephanie (Chapter 2) - Sun 08 Sep 2019

I looking forward to your next update . i love her reacton to when sesshoumaru asked her what the purpose of the condom was. 



Toni (Chapter 2) - Tue 03 Sep 2019

this is great  too bad it's only going to be 3 chApters  so funny  can't wait to see his reaction  

Drosselmeyer (Chapter 2) - Sun 01 Sep 2019

DYING. Can’t wait to see Kag’s Reaction!

Bernadette (Chapter 2) - Sat 31 Aug 2019

Hahaha this is great xD 

Anonymous (Chapter 1) - Wed 13 Jan 2010

ahahahhhahaha.......too  funny  you shouls  do another chapter

jojo661538 (Chapter 1) - Fri 08 Jan 2010

hahahahahahaha oh gosh how is she going to explain that keep up the good work ^_^

Sess Koibito (Chapter 1) - Fri 01 Jan 2010

Good grief! Who did Kagome bring the XXL Magnum condoms for??? LOL!

Daryl (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Dec 2009

bring on the next chapter i so want to see what happens next this was hilarious it actually made me blush lol keep up the good work and cant wait for the update

Mistress-of-PinkyFluff (Chapter 1) - Thu 31 Dec 2009

I bet that u people laugh at how naive the kids are to chew it. Well check this out! I have a confesion to make; the same thing happened to me. I remember that I was like 4 and found condom so I opened it and it really did look like a candy or something so I put it in my mouth and...BLEH! It was disgusting! Like seriously it was a regular condom with no flavor whatsoever. Now I know why they invented the flavored ones. No one would want to give bj with that! Anyway I spited it out and throw it behind a bed, and then forgot the horrible experience. So everything would be ok. But I just have the luck and 10 years lil bro found it again. Fortunetelly he didn't tast it cuz it didn't look so delicous anymore. And so I put in a bin cuz then I knew what it was, XD!

Now laugh at me as well but I am tellin ya this story is cool and its gonna rock Dokuga!

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