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marisel (Chapter 7) - Fri 19 Apr 2019

So they end up having sex is not unclear if and when they end  as acouple.

randomfan17 (Chapter 7) - Fri 28 Jan 2011

I agree with rin, took em long enough. Well, she should be over her phobia by now, haha.

Ashley (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Dec 2010

I'm loving this story. I hope you decide to continue writing it. 



Lily Noir (Chapter 7) - Tue 12 Oct 2010

Rin is AWESOME :))))))))))

about time those two got it on

please, please, PLEASE update soon

Anonymous (Chapter 7) - Wed 31 Mar 2010

Hahaha I love Rin!... Hey, did they just mate? lol 'cause that would piss off Kagome xD Update soon please!

SunsetMiko (Chapter 7) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

This was wonderful. It was perfect to read in one sitting without making myself nuts or having to get up and do something. I love the thought of Sesshoumaru hiding himself from her to get close, and you did a wonderful job of making Kagome's fear of dogs real. The lemon was great. Annnnnd this is why I don't often leave reviews, because I've run out of things to say and am about to spiral into more 'this was wonderful's. It was though, very good.

I did notice quite a few little errors throughout, and I think most, if not all, of them were merely typos. Do you have a beta? If not, I recommend getting once because it is so hard to see those little booboos in your own writing. Even as is, though, they aren't bad enough to take away from the reading experience. Great job!

Trynia Merin (Chapter 7) - Mon 29 Mar 2010

I absolutely adore this fiction.  Kagome running into Sesshoumaru in Dog form was a perfect climax.  Her sense of betrayal and shock was heart wrenching. Yet the description of the dog demon whimpering as if upset that he'd scared her was really touching.

I also loved how Sesshoumaru was protective towards her thorughout the whole story.  The sense of his canine tendencies really came through quite apparently and clearly. 

Then ending with them in the 'knot' or 'tie' was perfect.  How they were drawn to one another and she realized he never would hurt her. Your writing is captivating and your characterizations brilliant.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 7) - Sun 28 Mar 2010

*smirks* hot!

Cinne (Chapter 6) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

Love this chapter and all  the rest before it! <33 I wonder though, will Sesshomaru slip and will Kagome find out, or will Inuyasha have something to do with it, OR will he tell her he is a dog demon at the end of the story/semi-end?

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 6) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

you need to update this! =x

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 5) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

that last line *giggles*

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 4) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

<3 miro! okay so i love this fic!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 2) - Sun 21 Mar 2010

>:3 *is amused

daapatemysoul (Chapter 6) - Mon 01 Mar 2010

oh la la. Things are heating up! I'm excited to see that, since it seems like they've gotten to know a decent bit about each other at this point. I'm curious to see where things go from here.

Ruriame (Chapter 5) - Sun 14 Feb 2010

I just realized I commented on two chapters at one time. Oh well. Might as well continue since I'm at it. From an earlier chapter, I like how he classified himself as a "doku" youkai so he was answering her question but not giving it away that he was an inu youkai. Miroku is still hilarious. I think you're good at writing him in different situations. And he's rubbing off on Sango too. Even better.

Ruriame (Chapter 4) - Sun 14 Feb 2010

-I am no longer a pup unable to care for myself
I'm surprised she didn't notice he said "pup". I guess that's just how comfortable she was.

-“The fact that you can be acerbic is encouraging” he muttered
LOL. Their dynamics are awesome.

a Mysticlady (Chapter 5) - Tue 09 Feb 2010

I have enjoyed this story and can't wait to see how the dinners go. Your writing to well done and the flow is good. Hope to see more.

Kristina Kimball (Chapter 5) - Mon 25 Jan 2010

good story.  sesshomaru is doing a good job and i hope kagome doesnt get mad when se finds out he is dog

good job and update soon

knifethrower (Chapter 5) - Mon 25 Jan 2010

I am really enjoying this story.  Poor Sesshomaru, having to keep his tea from Kagome...  I bet it's gonna come out in a memorable way!  Keep up the great work!

Diane (Chapter 5) - Mon 25 Jan 2010

I like it & am looking forward to next chapter. Umm, just as an FYI, puppies need to stay with their mother & siblings for 6 to 8 weeks & really 8 to 10 or even 12 is better so they learn proper social skills. If you seperate them at 6 weeks they miss out on a bunch of life lessons that the owner will notice & have to try to correct later. I had a Cocker that was likely seperated too soon & he was kinda mouthy & broke skin a lot, it would probably be worse with an Akita, more bite force.

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