Reviews for Ornamental by CookieAsylum

Himura Asami (Chapter 2) - Sat 11 May 2013

I can be.

How nice.

snowbird (Chapter 3) - Mon 21 Dec 2009

Sorry, but I just cannot picture Sesshoumaru with short hair!  I don't even think it would look good on him.  In my imagination, he will still have long hair.  I was disappointed that she was being so casual about leaving without asking to remain in contact with him.  At least he made the move.

autumngold (Chapter 3) - Sun 20 Dec 2009

This story is so sad.  I hope that Sesshoumaru helps Kagome to become happier.  It sounds like he is, especially when you consider the scarf he was wearing.  Please update soon!

Lexie (Chapter 2) - Sun 20 Dec 2009

ooh ^_^ keep up the good work CookieAsylum! please update.

MissTeak (Chapter 2) - Sat 19 Dec 2009

I was trying to imagine the hideous multicolored scarf he was! And the way he took it off made Kagome sound like a fashion policewoman. How adorable! Anyway, Sesshoumaru definitely sounds like a much better person/demon now, which is good since he somehow is Kagome's only living link to the past. I am really excited for the next chapter!! He actually asked her out!! *hyperventilates* If I were her, I'd have melted into a giant blob of bubblegum goo. Much love to you, CA!:)

MissTeak (Chapter 1) - Sat 19 Dec 2009

Hi CA!!:) This was a great first chapter to read - I enjoyed this particular sentence very much. "The air, too polluted, and the water, not as sweet, was the flavor of her time." How true, and how aptly described. And woohoo! she meets Sesshoumaru. Let me check out the next chapter now!! by the way, thank you for your lovely reviews of my other stories! 

Rowdys girl (Chapter 2) - Sat 19 Dec 2009

wonderful!!! I love it cuz it's so romantic! but I'm kinda crying cuz of what she lost.

1CarinoInu (Chapter 2) - Sat 19 Dec 2009

Ooooo, me like!  Please update soon.  Curious what our Demon Lord has been up to - has he missed the miko as well?

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