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Savvi (Chapter 5) - Tue 09 Nov 2010

You had written such a nice story...until the ending came. It was so arupt! ;__;

MidNigh (Chapter 2) - Thu 09 Sep 2010

I like this story so far....Is everyone human?

miwa03 (Chapter 5) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

Ow sad... I never imagined the ending would be that way. Well, it is very realistic but still... I've hoped for a better ending for them T-T

But it was a well-written, very believable fic Skye! You captured the dark side of war nicely. And I love it!

A sequel would be nice though... :)

The Lady Meow (Chapter 1) - Tue 01 Dec 2009

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AB (Chapter 5) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

Sequel, Sequel!!! Please!!!




shiningstar* (Chapter 5) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

Interesting piece, Skye.  I wish it had continued, but five chapters means five chapters.  *sigh*

anon (Chapter 5) - Tue 24 Nov 2009

couldn't you make this a full length story? please? owo i'd totally read every single chapter, please continue ;~;

Saholia (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2009

T.T Wow--that was so emotional! I feel so terrible for Kagome, all I can do is hope that in their future, perhaps he could help her :(  I love your writting though, and even though I'm a helpless romantic, I loved how it ended.

autumngold (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2009

I'm so glad that Kagome is getting a chance to help during the war.  It might not be ideal, but it is better than being raped or abused.  I just wonder what will happen to her after the war?  She will never be forgiven by her own people.  Where will she go?  Thank you for having Souta be ok.  I'm glad that he made it.  Very realistic story.  You did such a good job portraying how horrible war is.  Thank you for writing this.

Miss Kagura (Chapter 5) - Mon 23 Nov 2009

I am sad this is over, yet at the same time, really glad it ended the way it did. They did the best they could for each other, given the circumstances. She saved his life, and he did his best to make sure she wasn't turned into a whore. I wanted to hit Kouga though, although I understand his position.

This was a well-written and excellent adventure!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 4) - Sun 22 Nov 2009

I can't wait to see what else is to come. Is kind of sad that her childhood friend would turn her in but i completely understand your logic with this part of the story, everybody is kind of out there for themself.

Miss Kagura (Chapter 4) - Sun 22 Nov 2009

I love this story so much. I actually typed out a review, but my wonderful PC crashed and it went away. You really capture mood well and I feel suspense waiting for the next chapter.

I'm going to be sad when this story is over.

autumngold (Chapter 4) - Sun 22 Nov 2009

This story is so sad.  Kagome seems to have two choices, either be raped by the Japenese soldiers or be raped by Kouga.  What a fun life.  I'm such a weak person, I think I would rather die than face either of those two things.  I think it's sweet that Sesshoumaru stays with Kagome.  Even if he doesn't realize it, I think he wants in some ways to protect her.  Nice update!

Saholia (Chapter 4) - Sat 21 Nov 2009

I love the last few lines--I feel like they're forshadowing something big, something important.

shiningstar* (Chapter 3) - Mon 16 Nov 2009

I love the story!  Please update soon, I am totally enraptured!

Patricia (Chapter 1) - Fri 13 Nov 2009

I practically screamed when I saw you udpated because this is the story i have been looking forward to most for an update.

I was scrolling down just hoping to see this, then i got it :)))

anyways back to the review of the story. I loved the slowly devloping relationship. when he told her his real name I was so happy. cant wait to see what happens next chapter.

every ending you leave me wanting more.

Miss Kagura (Chapter 3) - Thu 12 Nov 2009


Sesshoumaru is such a talented conversationalist, isn't he? Your characters seem very much in character, with Kagome prattling on when he never replies and Sesshoumaru only replying as little as possible. I think the rarity of his words almost give them more value.

Saholia (Chapter 3) - Thu 12 Nov 2009

Awesome story line so far Skye. I'm very pleased that he gave up his real name to her instead of making one up. I'm in love with both their characters--keep it up! :)

flyingteapot (Chapter 3) - Thu 12 Nov 2009

Nice explanation to why Kagome and Souta have japanese names! I am very intrigued and wonder how you will furher develop this story and I like the setting; but only because you make it work. I will think of you when studying for my History of 20th Century China exam... Anyways, great start so far, we have the setting and got to know more about Kagome (loved how she tries to talk to stubborn Sesshoumaru while tending to his wounds and in the end, she knicks one of his walls, hah!). Now I am looking forward to what you've got in store for us concerning Sesshoumaru. What's his story? 

And I think that you are definitely nailing the wanting to focus on emotion part (the interaction between those two in this chapter, great!)

Looking forward to more,


autumngold (Chapter 3) - Thu 12 Nov 2009

I love the fact that even though Sesshoumaru doesn't want to talk to Kagome he allows himself to comfort her in the end.  Does this mean he's gradually warming up to her?  Maybe he could kill Kouga on his way out of town?  Great update!  I really hope that Souta is ok.

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