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connie (Chapter 17) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

eeeeee! so cuteee and sexyyy :DDD

jaimesesshy (Chapter 17) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

I love crazy Grandma! Great chapter!

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 17) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

Maybe it was a good thing that grandma came to visit? But I have to say that Hide is friends with some very interesting people. And I'm very surprised that Naraku didn't go through with his plan for revenge. And it was about damn time that Sesshou made a move on Kagome. Keep up the good work and update soon :P

jaimesesshy (Chapter 16) - Sun 31 Jan 2010

Awwww, Sesshy is jealous again! Loved this chapter! Can't wait for the next!

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 16) - Sun 31 Jan 2010

Interesting. It's nice to know that the old crowd Kagome hung out with is willing to let her go and not hate her for it. And I'm just curious about one thing, is the girl supposed to be Yura or Yuka? Because at the beginning of the chappie you used Yura and towards the end it became Yuka. So I just want you to clarify if it's Yura or Yuka. Keep up the good work and update soon :P

~krazy4fluffy~ (Chapter 15) - Sun 31 Jan 2010

update soon ^^

BlackBirdBasilica (Chapter 15) - Mon 25 Jan 2010

Amazing i love this soo much u have to write more soon its my new favorite fanfiction thank you for writing it i cant wait for more

jaimesesshy (Chapter 15) - Sun 24 Jan 2010

Oh my gosh, Hojo is getting on my nerves. I'm glad that Sess out him in his place though! Can't wait for another update!

Sala (Chapter 15) - Sun 24 Jan 2010

You have several homophones in this chapter which need fixing. :)  Like "night"/"knight"

Sprinks (Chapter 14) - Mon 18 Jan 2010



update soon!

REDWOLF (Chapter 14) - Sun 17 Jan 2010

it was great!

jaimesesshy (Chapter 14) - Sun 17 Jan 2010

Awww so cute...and funny! Those evil masterminds setting up a date! I love it!

connie (Chapter 14) - Sun 17 Jan 2010

teehee sesshoumaru playing cupid :D

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 13) - Mon 11 Jan 2010

Could you do fanart of the billboards of Sesshou and Inuyasha? I would love to see what had fan girls stampeding down the streets. *Evil Grin* I wonder if Kagome would go through the same thing if there were billboards of her... what would Sesshou think of all the guys hounding her? And what would the snobby girls have to say? Keep up the good work and update soon :P

Saholia (Chapter 13) - Sun 10 Jan 2010

Ouh-The suspense! Awesome chapter! :D

jaimesesshy (Chapter 13) - Sun 10 Jan 2010

Ugh, Good chapter!

Saholia (Chapter 12) - Fri 01 Jan 2010

LOL--both Kagura and Naraku have it coming now! xD

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 12) - Thu 31 Dec 2009

I have to say that Kagome is one sneaky miko. And I love how she got Naraku and Kikyou good. I can't wait to see everyone's reaction when the truth hits the tabloids. Also, how did Kagome and Kanna become such good friends? Keep up the good work and update soon. :P


Happy New Year!


Mander B (Chapter 12) - Thu 31 Dec 2009

Read 12 chapters in 2 hours and nelgected my husband after our son went to bed. Your good! Now to go to bed since its 12:30 in the morning! Great job keep it up and I like where the plot is going

Lena (Chapter 11) - Tue 29 Dec 2009

I'm so sad. I just read all 11 chapters today. SOOOO......that obviously means that I really really really really like it.  Keep up the great work and I hope to see an update soon or I will be the one leading the mob w/ the torches and pitchforks to your house!!!! *Looks are surrounded by cops...* Ok maybe not...*sweatdrops*  Update soon.

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