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Mariposa (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Mar 2010

Yay! you updated!!! that was a really good chapter! please update soon because i want to know what happens!


Anonymous (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Mar 2010

o.o what is he planning????? .... Update soon please!!! You took SO long to give us this last chapter T_T

Lexie (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Mar 2010

this is a very en joyable story, i love the fact that Kagome is sticking to her guns.

please update!!

Yohko (Chapter 11) - Wed 31 Mar 2010

I want to see Sesshomaru beg for forgiveness. =)

miss.Undo (Chapter 10) - Tue 23 Mar 2010

please you hae to update. hes lucky she doesnt beat him with her heel!! ")

fluffylover4eva (Chapter 10) - Wed 17 Mar 2010

Can u plz update ive been waiting for sooo long for the chapter to be up =[ your stories are great plzzz update =]

shantelle (Chapter 10) - Wed 03 Mar 2010

Awwww. I wanted more.

Mariposa (Chapter 10) - Sun 28 Feb 2010

aww how can you be so cruel as to leave me hanging like that? Please update soon!

krazzzy4fallinasleep:P (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Feb 2010

lol... I wish he were...

Sesshoumaru, the stalker.

Victim: Krazy4fluffy

Ohhh, I'd love that. :P

Ehem.. Nice intro. Hooks me nicely into the story lol.

krazy4fluffy (Chapter 10) - Sun 28 Feb 2010

Reviews, reviews, reviews, reviews!!! I'll give you one thousad reviews if you update more often! :P (Well, okay, not one thousand, but I'll make my reviews longer... like this one :D)

I really like how you make Kagome seem. I loved her abrupt outburst and I would be thrilled to read the description of Sesshoumaru's shocked expression as he watches Kagome walk away :D Hehehe, Sara... What a bitch. I don't like her. And Bankotsu? I think he has a bigger pole up his ass than the one that's up Sesshoumaru's. lol Did that last sentence make any sense? Hope so. :P Anyway, poor Inuyasha, didn't even get to say hi or bye to Kagome. Poor Kagome, didn't even get to say Happy B-day to Yasha. :(

On another train of thought, I wonder why you're making things move so fast. At least, you should have made her (Kagome) meet some other people and see how annoying rich people are.. except Iza, of course. That was a really fast thing. Kagome should have first been enjoying herself -- a little, at least lol--, and then get to dance with that ass of Bankotsu, and then hear Sesshoumaru. That would have been more dramatic :P But I like it... though I don't like your pace. Too fast and too slow at the same time. How so? Well, like I said before, you just rushed into things. Enter, dance, be aggravated by some ass, hear Sesshoumaru say mean things, exit. Too fast, honey. :P

Now... I LOVE this ff. Please update soon!! And take my opinions of the ff with no offense. I don't mean to annoy you or comment badly. You should, actually, be honored that I gave you this huge review. I don't usually do so. You can see any other stories that I tend to read. The ones that I really like get to have more than the normal "hey! I love this. update soon!" comment.

xoxo Update soon! ^^ I looooooooooooove this fic. Hehehe... n_n

Lexie (Chapter 10) - Sun 28 Feb 2010

HAHAHA LOL!!! so amusing! sesshoumaru defs needed a pelting by shoes xD

please update!!

Yohko (Chapter 10) - Sun 28 Feb 2010

NICE! Loving this story! Keep it up!

Saholia (Chapter 10) - Sat 27 Feb 2010

Poor Kagome, I hope she get's back at Sesshomaru though >:3

kagomesirene (Chapter 10) - Sat 27 Feb 2010

awwww...poor kagome...but i expected nothing else from sesshou yet...seems he needs a few dates with sara to appreciate kagome, ne ? *lol*


please update soon

krazy4fluffy (Chapter 9) - Sat 13 Feb 2010

update soon plz !!!

jojo61538 (Chapter 9) - Sat 13 Feb 2010

awww how cute keep up the great work ^_^

jojo61538 (Chapter 8) - Fri 12 Feb 2010

hahhahhahhaha oh gosh this is a great story keep up the great work ^_^

Miss.Undo (Chapter 8) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

:) does that really worrk? please update soon!

crystyl (Chapter 8) - Sat 06 Feb 2010

I must apologize then; I knew about colour and centre, but was unaware that rule extended to realize and such as well. And I think I accidentally double-posted before, so I apologize for that too. Excuse my ignorance, and carry on please!

Anonymous (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Feb 2010

I have read nearly all of your stories, and I have loved every single one of them!  Your stories flow very well, which is something not often found in fanfiction. I hate to seem nitpicky, but you do make several spelling mistakes and you leave off a lot of your periods and commas. The spelling errors I've noticed most often are placing ‘s’ where there should be a ‘c’ or a ‘z’, an ’s’ where there should be a ’c’, and you tend to double up your ‘l’s and ‘t’s when you shouldn't. Your grammer is exceptional however, and your mistakes don’t detract from the story's impact at all. You have wonderful characterization, of Sesshoumaru especially, but all of the characters seem to keep to their true personalities, even in the stories set in AU (which is most of them).

P.S. I chose to review on Fenced becauce it is my favorite of all your works, though Strike a Pose and Chosen run a close second. You have a wonderful sense of humor. Keep on updating! (Please?)


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