Ameire (Chapter 1) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

How in the hell are there only 3 reviews for this awesome story?!! I can't wait for the next update, I fall alongside Autumngold in the whole forgive Kagome category.


Please update soon~

Krash (Chapter 5) - Sun 29 Nov 2009

I love this, please say you'll continue it?  Inuyasha is great in this story ,especially when he's laughing his ass off at Sesshoumaru's expense. Heh heh heh. Annnd then to be promptly smaked upside the head by Kagome's fan or Seshhou's backhand. Priceless.  > < Please update soon. You're  great writer

autumngold (Chapter 5) - Mon 12 Oct 2009

Will Sesshoumaru ever forgive Kagome for leaving Rin at the hot springs?  She is the only thing he even remotely cares about.  Hopefully Rin will be ok, and Kagome will help her get well.  Thank you for the new chapter!  Can't wait for more!

autumngold (Chapter 4) - Mon 28 Sep 2009

Great beginning to your story!  I love that Sesshoumaru had Kagome ride with him.  Hopefully he isn't planning to throw her from his cloud.  Are Inuyasha and Rin going to end up together in your story?  Will Kagome's pendant be explained and will it help in their upcoming battle?  Will Kagome and Sesshoumaru fall in love?  Ok, enough questions.  I just would appreaciate an update!  Please!

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