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KyraTekak (Chapter 5) - Sat 24 Jun 2017

Very good story. Hoping for more updates. 

Aoi-Kaji (Chapter 1) - Tue 24 Jan 2012

Geeeeeee!! Excitement ! Excitement!!!! I am loving this so far! I absolutely love the detail you put in everything! Paints a very vivid picture of what's going on =)

wickedone43 (Chapter 1) - Mon 25 Jul 2011

Ummmm, do you think you could finsh this for us?  No pressure just wanted "closure" for my imagination on this fic.  I am so selfish, sorry. :( 

Seriously, if and when you get a chance...please!  I need it.  Notice I didn't say, I want it...I really need it!


Great works.  I've read them all! :)

blueminx87 (Chapter 10) - Sun 08 May 2011

Ooooh!!! this is getting really good--please continue soon!!!

blueminx87 (Chapter 10) - Sun 08 May 2011

Ooooh!!! this is getting really good--please continue soon!!!

Lily Noir (Chapter 10) - Wed 13 Oct 2010

what can i say?
i seems that all the fics you write are awesome

i'm amazed how much good ideas you have

hope you'll update this one soon

good luck


sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 4) - Sun 23 May 2010

love this!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 May 2010

she DOES have a potty mouth! but this is amusing =x

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 2) - Sun 23 May 2010

*chuckles* :3 she's gotta potty mouth!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 May 2010

yanno. you always make ficcies that make r0o want to pounce you until you update again. bc. yusssssssssss more!

- r0o

memeylupht (Chapter 9) - Sat 27 Feb 2010
hm.. This's nice,his claws has a poison 'n he worried 'bout it ?! i'm curious, Curious !!! Please update soon,this cliffy was killin' me.>:p and make it longer ne,it seems,i just can't get enough of this. Keep it up will ya and update !!!

jojo61538 (Chapter 8) - Sat 13 Feb 2010

its a great story keep up the great work ^_^

88pieces (Chapter 8) - Mon 08 Feb 2010

i really like this story

update soon

memeylupht (Chapter 8) - Sun 07 Feb 2010
yea,thanks for the great 'n wonderful chapter. i really enjoyed it,but too baa..d.. I want more ! *sigh* i hope you'll update soon and please,oh please.. Make it longer..longer,..'n longee..r and no more Cliffy !! Sesshomaru was like a Knight in shining amor, he's always showed up whenever Kagome in danger it seemed. okkaay.. UPDATE SOON ^.~

~Juggalette4Lyfe420~ (Chapter 8) - Sun 07 Feb 2010

 loved it update soon

memeylupht (Chapter 7) - Tue 02 Feb 2010

Ha ! I knew it .. Seriously,Koga 'n Inuyasha worked together ?? That's brilliant!

And i agreed with Sesshomaru,what did his mother want with her??

oh !! This's cliffy ?! hey,who said the last part ?? oh God.. what will happen with kagome? Will she be a vampire too ?

I hope you'll Update sooner more often and please make it longer,and longer. 'Cause i just can't get enough !!

I love it,keep workin' ^.~

memeylupht (Chapter 6) - Tue 02 Feb 2010

Is it strange if i say... that Tottosai was cute ?? i know who tried to help Kagome and her brother.

aah.. he must be Inuyasha!

nice chapter.. again. keep it up ^.~

memeylupht (Chapter 5) - Tue 02 Feb 2010

eewww.. typical Sesshomaru made Kagome blushed,,, ... again.

new mistery begins,it seems. I wonder though..


memeylupht (Chapter 4) - Tue 02 Feb 2010

ooww.. poor,.. poor.. Myoga. Hmm,who's the enemy ?

It seemed Sesshomaru already had a lot of job to do.

memeylupht (Chapter 3) - Tue 02 Feb 2010

thia was better and funnier than the last. I love it !!

nice job ^.~

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