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Faith (Chapter 35) - Wed 10 Jul 2019

Yay, one more step closer to the mating! The conversation's going to be fun :)

MythMagykFae (Chapter 35) - Tue 09 Jul 2019

Yay! More story, this chapter was really cute too! I like how the different teaching methods mesh nicely and complement each other.

Angelsluv (Chapter 34) - Fri 21 Jun 2019

welcome back! I was really happy to see you update This story! Your a wonderful writer! Thank you for this AMAZING story! cant wait for the next chapter!

Azure (Chapter 34) - Wed 12 Jun 2019

Welcome back! And thank you!!! I have been waiting for this for years on aff. Please continue doing a awesome job writing. Your writing style is one of my favorites.

Azure (Chapter 1) - Wed 12 Jun 2019

Welcome back! And thank you!!! I have been waiting for this for years on aff. Please continue doing a awesome job writing. Your writing style is one of my favorites.

Faith (Chapter 34) - Tue 11 Jun 2019

Mmm more biting...and a long overdue conversation. I was afraid Sessh was just going to keep putting it off. I hope this means Kagome will finally be ready to mate them. Thanks for the update! <3

nogooddeed (Chapter 34) - Mon 10 Jun 2019

awesome chapter thank you for the update!

nogooddeed (Chapter 33) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

love it thank you!

nogooddeed (Chapter 32) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

love it thank you!

nogooddeed (Chapter 31) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

love it thank you!

nogooddeed (Chapter 30) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

The miko and her future mates walked slowly through the market, looking over all the offered goods while gradually making their way closer to the inn where they intended to have lunch. Inuyasha had his arm around Kagome’s shoulders, and every now and then, he would lean close and whisper something naughty in her ear, laughing when she elbowed him in irritation. Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru attempted to purchase anything she seemed even mildly interested in, no matter how many times she told him to calm down and put his money away. If he weren’t such a master of self-control, he would have been visibly pouting. She promised to let him buy her things, and it was making him crazy that she didn’t want anything. How could she not want anything?

nogooddeed (Chapter 29) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

After being poked, prodded, and measured in more ways than she thought was necessary, Kagome assisted Sesshoumaru in telling the seamstress just what she wanted made. It was really more of what he wanted made, but the miko didn’t want to argue the point. If buying her clothes meant so much to him, she wouldn’t complain, especially since he was so sweet as to not want to change the way she dressed, despite how she knew people of the Feudal Era judged her based on her apparel. He didn’t care that people would stare and make comments, primarily about her virtue, though she doubted most would dare to voice such thoughts aloud once she was his mate. He accepted her just the way she was, so she would try to do the same for him and not complain about his instincts.

nogooddeed (Chapter 28) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

Inuyasha stepped through the open archway and towards the fire, feeling as the barrier went up behind him. Not finding them in the main room, he wondered where Kagome and Sesshoumaru were. He wouldn’t be surprised in the least to find them still in the hot spring. The miko had always enjoyed a long soak and after the morning they had, she deserved that and whatever else she might want. No matter how many times it might happen again, he knew he would never forget how it felt this first time. The hunt, the chase, and the incredible sex were all spectacular, but beyond that, and even more important, was hearing her say just how much she trusted them, even when they were on the very edge, their control frayed until they were holding on by a thread. She trusted them even when they lost control entirely.

nogooddeed (Chapter 27) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

Sesshoumaru carefully laid Kagome out on Inuyasha’s haori, looking over her nude body before gently grasping her wrist and elbow, lifting her left arm. He seemed to be cataloguing every scrape and scratch marring her skin, and the miko watched him curiously. After a moment, it seemed as if he had finished his appraisal, as he leaned down and trailed his tongue over one of the deeper cuts, one that had little trails of dried blood beneath it. Earlier, she ran through the forest with very little protection offered by her tiny pajamas, and she hadn’t slowed down to avoid catching branches and thorns, leaving her littered in small wounds of varying severity on her arms and legs.

nogooddeed (Chapter 26) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

"What... What does that mean: the situation presented to you when you were trying to revive me?" Kagome asked.

nogooddeed (Chapter 25) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

Kagome grinned as she crossed the short distance between herself and the taiyoukai. The shade of crimson ringing his eyes, along with the way his markings had gone jagged, told her that he was just as far gone as the hanyou had been. Though she had been worried about being able to handle them both while in this condition, she wasn't any longer. Sure, she was sore and tired, but she was even more excited, and she was going to enjoy every second spent with the wild and passionate Sesshoumaru.

nogooddeed (Chapter 24) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

Inuyasha smiled while he ran. He was careful not to move too quickly to allow the miko to stay just out of his reach. Chasing her was incredibly enjoyable, but this time he was going to catch her. He was waiting for the perfect moment. The hanyou was having the time of his life, a life that had steadily been getting better over the last week or so. Sure, it started with absolute heartbreak and was steeped in confusion at the beginning, but it had improved a great deal now. Insecurity remained, and he knew it would until Kagome wore the mating marks of both he and his brother, but at the moment, things couldn't get much better.

nogooddeed (Chapter 23) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

Kagome checked over her hiding spot one last time before sending out a burst of her power that covered the whole area, alerting the brothers that she was ready. She had to focus on her breathing while fighting not to shake because, as she set up her little tricks to slow them down, she grew more and more nervous.

nogooddeed (Chapter 22) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

Sesshoumaru nudged the miko awake the moment the sun began to rise outside their little love nest. He was eager to get their game started and had been thinking about it ever since Kagome proposed the idea hours before. It would be good to get out of the cave and stretch his legs, and he didn't doubt that Inuyasha would agree. It wasn't in their nature to be cooped up for so long. No, it was in their nature to run free, the wind in their hair and the world whizzing by around them. Kagome's little game called to the taiyoukai's beast and, judging by the hanyou's reaction to their conversation the evening prior, it seemed quite likely that it would appeal to Inuyasha's demon half, as well.

nogooddeed (Chapter 21) - Sat 08 Jun 2019

Kagome sighed happily. She couldn't have been more comfortable, and she loved the position she and the guys were currently in. Sesshoumaru lay flat on his back with Kagome on his right side, lying mostly on her stomach, half draped across his body, with one foot tucked under his right knee. Inuyasha copied her position, laid half across the miko's back, his nose buried in her hair. The hanyou's arm lay over Kagome's body, his fingers entwined with hers where their hands rested on Sesshoumaru's abdomen. The taiyoukai's left hand held the miko and hanyou's clasped hands, his fingers also linked with hers so that both brothers were holding Kagome's hand. His right arm was stretched out, supporting both of his bed partner's heads, and his palm sat innocently on Inuyasha's far shoulder.

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